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hello, it's me.
Hello and welcome to my little space. What will be on this blog? My art, my fiction writings, books I read, movies & shows I have watched, whatever interest me or gets into my head & every now and then if I remember I own a camera, some photographs. So it's really just another blog but maybe there are things here that sort of show off my personal side but not much. Here's a list of seven things about me:

01/ I love reading but I hate getting disappointed in books which seems unavoidable but it's a good thing that there will always be more books to love than to hate.

02/ I'm a list maker. In fact, 98% of this blog is and will consist of lists of just about anything and the other 2% is writings or ramblings that sounds like writing with some fiction thrown in.

03/ This would be my 50ish version of an introduction page. Okay, maybe more than 50 as I have had more than 50 blogs but not all of them had been active but I have moved url's a lot. I was even once on wordpress but I found I didn't like the way the dashboard is set up or that there were these plugins that you are supposedly suppose to use if you want this or that feature which Blogger thankfully make it easier to implant. So I'm a little bias about Blogger as I have blog on this platform a long while but we all have preferences.

04/ My favorite color is mint blue or perhaps mint. It's hard to describe the actual shade as screens varies and the color all looks different on different screen but oh yeah, mint blue.

05/ I don't like coffee. Yes, it's true. I'm not a coffee drinker & I never have been. Going inside starbucks or any coffee place is not something I like to do especially if the scent of coffee is strong.

06/ I watch a lot of Korean/Chinese and occasionally Japanese dramas/tv shows & every now and then, movies of all kinds except horror, no horror movies or shows.

07/ My favorite number is 7 and you'll findI list things in 7's or double 7s like 14 or sometimes 5 if I can't find 7 things to list and sometimes 3 if my mind is a little blank. But still 7 is my favorite.

There you go 7 things about me and now you tell me 7 things about you in the comments.

You can find me at... well, here, on this blog. Sorry, I'm not at any social media place. But if you like, you can follow my blog with bloglovin here which hardly anyone uses or you can just come directly here and read my posts.

Thanks for reading & have a lovely day.

– lissa aka lb (lissablue), the blogger behind the blog.

p.s. contact me at lissawrites(at)gmail(dot)com

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