"I am out with lanterns looking for myself." ― Emily Dickinson

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August 20, 2017

Fiction: Bent

I just found this new writing exercise called 15 minute ficlets hosted by Amber at The Literary Phoenix in which a word is given and you have to write something for 15 minutes. I'm combinating last week's word "Bestial" and this week's "Unexpected." Visit Amber here.

15 minute ficlets

Fiction: Bent

The beast opened its mouth and came toward me. I stood unable to move a muscle. But the beast merely stopped at my feet and sat down. It whined like a child needing a pat on its head. I wanted to laugh for scaring myself. I lifted my hand and was about to pat the dog when a light caught my eye.

Someone appeared with a lantern held low to the ground and keeping their face in the shadows. The lantern's light lit the uneven, stone paved pathway that led to the gate where I was standing. I should not have stepped inside the gates but I didn't want to wait. The cold breeze lingered around me.

The man seemed almost shy as he stood in front of me with his head bowed a little. He held the lantern high showing his face lined with many wrinkles and scars. "This here is Lionel." The man said and then he added, "My name is Ralf. I am the housekeeper. You must be Mistress Sarah Bright." His voice was light and worn as if he was tired of talking just after a few words. Ralf said no more after that. I nodded. "I am." I bended down and pat Lionel. His hair was a soft as feathers.

I was here as the new mistress of Hallow Manor though it was only in title as I was merely a caretaker for the place. Its rightful master was my father Count Blule but he was too busy counting his money and his many sons. I was his only daughter but I was not special. Not in his eyes, nor my stepmothers. To say how many stepmothers I have is to say how many people ruled me. At times I struggled to refuse their commands as I had never thought myself their daughter or servant. Father had his own money but my stepmothers' riches kept him in a healthy state living among the rich folks. Father said I must obeyed my stepmothers or else I would be turn out to the streets. Father did not care for me as parents should and that was why I sometimes loathed him.

It was only after I turned nine, I began to see why my family shunned me. I was a strange one. I was too bold, too inquisitive, too talkative, too unladylike. I was not born a beauty and I walked with a limp after being bitten by a neighbor's dog at three. Now at twenty-two, I was not married nor do I have any marriage prospects and in this sense, there were no other choices for me other than to work for my family. But I was happy for I had never thought a woman needed a husband to be happy. I was not educated like my brothers. They went to school while I sat at home learning to be a lady though I succeeded at none of the skills I was supposed to learn but I got to read a lot of books. I taught myself the things I needed to learn and yet, I had not learned the art of deceit or even lying.

My only talent or thereof considered as talent by others if they knew, was that, I could bend an animal or a beast's will to mine. This strange power came just after I turned eighteen. One of the house visitors brought a dog. His name was Walter. Walter was an odd looking creature with oodles of white curls. Walter did not behave well. But when Walter came upon me, he became docile. When I told him to sit, he sat. When I told him to run away from his owner, he did. That was not a very nice thing to do but his owner was such a haughty lady and she treated him very badly. Walter was found three days later in the cellar of one of our neighbors who had been feeding him. 

August 17, 2017

Fiction: Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

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Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

What else could she do? Jane closed her eyes and dove into the lake. She felt a tightening of her chest for a few moments but then it was gone. She opened her eyes to a bright blue sky. It was quiet with a slight wind blowing.

"Having fun, Miss Jane?" BJ was grinning down at her. He took a few steps back. Jane sat up. A shiver ran through her body. She rubbed at her arms but she felt like cold hands were wrapping ice around her. She stood up and looked about. There was really not much to see. Around her were mountains and trees covered in snow. She turned back and BJ was gone again. Jane searched around and spotted the depressions in the snow made by small feet. She followed them. "BJ!" she called out. "BJ!"

She ran for a bit but the snow on the ground thinned. A small bark came from behind her. She turned and there was a creature on all fours. It was nearly all black except for the gray-white streaks on top of its head. Jane was certain it was a wolf. She took a few steps back. The wolf came forward. She back away again but the wolf only stepped toward her. Its tongue was sticking out and Jane noticed the sharp fangs. She grabbed some snow off the ground and threw them at the wolf. "Go away!" she shouted. The wolf merely let the snow hit his front paws. He stood watching her.

Not only was Jane freezing, she was facing a wolf that might possibly eat her and she had not received her wages yet for a job that involved far too much traveling. She had thought she would be indoors quietly giving lessons, not out running around chasing after a boy.

August 16, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Flower Bed

'rose dream no.2' (not quite finished)
'rose dream no.2' closeup
This week's Scribble Picnic is Flower Bed.  This is actually a piece I have started a while back that I  didn't add color (and it's still not finished), so it's not quite 'flower bed' but there are flowers. (click on the images for a larger view) For more Scribble Picnic, go here.

August 15, 2017

Fiction: Beach life

Henry watches the horizon from his place, center from left, between the rows of pine trees that divided the beach from the sun huts. Out in the water, the waves shift back and forth rather lazily.

Henry grunts but barely a sound escapes from him. All the sunshine and the humans playing on the beach makes him a bit irritable as he had nothing better to do than to stare at the water or at the humans.

A beach ball lands in front of him. Henry glances up. A pair of children is running toward his direction. He flicks at the ball and it deflated. The children's faces drain of happy thoughts even as one of them picks up the ball. Henry laughs silently. Then his glance lands on a sand castle a few feet away. He twirls a finger and the castle collapses. Henry grins. Out in the water some human male thinks he could start his surfing lesson the easy way. Henry flicks his finger and the board flips over and the surfer falls into the water. Henry laughs but then a strange sadness fills his head. Perhaps he shouldn't have done that. But the human isn't hurt. None of them are.

A small cry makes Henry turn and there stood a little girl with short black ponytails and a lopsided smile with saliva drooling down the side of her mouth. She looks up at Henry with large blue eyes. Henry leans a little away from her glare but the little girl steps closer. She pokes a finger at his legs. He hardly feels it. He turns his face farther away.

The little girl's mother appears and tries to pull the girl away but the girl grabs onto Henry's hand. The mother could only see Henry in his tree form while the little girl still innocent, could see Henry as he really is. Henry tries to pull away. He turns his eyes toward the sky.

The father comes and carries the little girl away, all the while, the little girl shrieks like a hyena. Henry never thought he would hear such screams from such a small human. But the shrieking reminds Henry how much he misses being able to cover his ears with his hands and telling someone to shut their trap. As a fairy that grant wishes, he has had a pretty decent track and hardly ever strayed from his assignments. As a pretended human, he is seen as a mean-spirited man but Henry doesn't care what humans or anyone thinks of him but of course that also lands him in trouble with just about everyone.

It wasn't a while ago that Henry strayed just a little too much from his assignment. So what if he turned a couple of humans into toads? It wasn't like they didn't deserve it. Henry didn't like seeing the stepdaughter treated so badly, not when there is other reason for it. It wasn't like he did anything bad and he was going to change them back as soon as they repented. But the fairy counsel thought otherwise. Henry's punishment is to spend a decade in this sunshiny place but the worst part is, he has to complete his punishment in the form of a pine tree that he is sure he would never ever grow to like. But the days haven't been all bad and Henry got to enjoy some quiet solitude even if the happy humans irks him sometimes.

The sun begins to drop into the horizon and the sky grows dark. Henry leans back and closes his eyes. Another day passes and only 3,456 to go. Henry chuckles at the thought of turning back to his true form and back to his old life. Perhaps he might retire to a cold climate and enjoy fishing inside a cabin. Perhaps he will miss this beach life just a little. Or perhaps he will turn more humans into toads.


I'm participating in the 10 Days of Heat Writing Challenge and today's theme is 'Beach life.' To visit other bloggers participating in the challenge, go here.