“I think I’m constantly in a state of adjustment.” ― Patti Smith

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September 13, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Black & White

'future spell'

This week's Scribble Picnic is Black & White. This is a first draft and the image at left in the circle is a placement but it's suppose to be a person falling or something, perhaps for the next theme but it's not decided.  Pieces like this sometimes ends up looking exactly like this and sometimes I may just change everything but the main idea is there. For more Scribble Picnic, go here.

September 12, 2017

Scoffs, Shrugs & Other Thoughts

'fly away'
Just some thoughts that might or might not be a good idea to let out but if there is one place a person can complain without having someone tell them not to complain, this is it.

01/ I tried out the kindle for a couple of weeks but had to send it back because the screen keeps freezing and whenever I start it up again and in working order, the battery drains itself in just a few hours and I wasn't even using it. I charged it several times in one week and I didn't even finish reading a single book. It could be that I was unlucky and got a bad one. I'm thinking of waiting for a newer model before getting another one but I haven't decided yet.

02/ You know your computer is really old when you need an adapter for your adapter in order to connect to any gadgets or maybe technology is just too quick for me. I really do need to get a new computer but I really hate the idea of having to readjust to a new computer and having to upgrade software that will cost more than the computer itself and not to mention all the new adapters I will need to get since the new computers no longer have all the features I use. 

03/ I'm thinking of getting rid all of my dvds and trade them for books. Honestly, I don't watch dvds much these days and my dvd player kind of have a temper where it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't for no reasons. And there are movies/shows that are only on dvds so I can't get rid of all my dvds. Even if I go all digital, I still need something to store the files so basically there is no such thing as going completely digital.

04/ I procrastinate like crazy all the time and sometimes I don't even know why. The above artwork 'fly away' started 7 years ago and is only finished last week. You probably won't believe it but it's true. I don't know why I take so long to finish this and many other projects. I guess the motivation just isn't there. It used to be when I work on something, I would work on them until they're done but these days, I only talk about getting things done and not do them.

05/ I have come to realize how much I dwell on mistakes. Whenever I made a mistake, I would think on it endlessly even when the problem is resolved or even when there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I don't know why I do it but it's a habit I can't seem to break.

06/ I also realize how when you're cranky from lack of sleep because some creature choose to croak/chirp every single night until 5 am, every problem feels like a big world problem even when I know it's not. So don't mind me if I complain just a little too much or I repeat myself just a little too easily or I respond to things a little too slow.

07/ I used to have a virtual space to sell prints of my art at Society6 and they pretty much does all the printing and shipping but I closed that up or rather I just deleted the art works. I thought I might start that again but I don't know if there is any interest. You can't just have a shop, you have to promote it constantly or else nothing gets sold. Frankly, I really hate promoting. I'm not on social media so I don't really spread news around like other people. I don't suppose I could get someone to promote my work in exchange for design services? Just a thought.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

September 6, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Tie it Up

'read at sea'
closeup 1 - click on the image for the large view
closeup 2 - click on the image for the large view
This week's Scribble Picnic is Tie it Up. I've posted the draft in this post. I've changed her face a little and her clothes but it's still mostly the same. You might say this is actually version three. The word 'READ' is on her arm though you can't see it all the well, so I have shown it by itself in closeup 2. For more Scribble Picnic, go here.

In case you're interested, the book titles are:

Real titles:
a) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis
b) Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm
c) The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
d) The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
e) Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
f) Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

Fake titles:
g) The Bookish Mermaid by Roland H. Beach
h) The Moon Child by Jane Eyre Smith
i) Fish Out of water by Beth March Little
j) The Seven Adventures of Howl Smile by Stevie Wolf
k) The Ordinary Girl by M.M. Mile
l) Sherrock Bird Mysteries by Madam Ana Candice Davis
m) The Book of Dragons by Jackson Trollman

August 31, 2017

Fiction: Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 3

Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 3
>> Read Part 1, Part 2 <<

Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 3

The water was freezing. Jane wished she had answered the other advertisement about a caretaker to a cat. At least, a cat would not thought to open books or traverse around the world.

Jane blinked and opened her eyes. She took in a few breathes and then regretted it. There was something putrid in the air. She sat up and found herself in a muddy puddle probably from the water that she brought along when she and BJ fell into the icy pond.

Slants of sunlight filled the room. The ceiling was high much like Castle Howl except this place was not a castle. This place was filthy with peeling wallpapers, scattered old papers, strange objects covered in grime and dust. This was no place for anyone. She turned about the room and there was BJ sitting across from her.

"I misstepped. But do not worry, I know how to get us out of here." He coughed. He was wet and his face was flushed.

"You are not well." Jane went over and sat beside BJ. She rubbed at her clothes to get the water out.

"Yes, that happens a lot when you travel through water." BJ's voice was horsed.

"But how do you do this? How does it work? How could we be traveling like this?" Jane asked.

"I am not sure myself. It just happened. One day, I opened a book to an image of a lake and I wished to go to Japan so I can see the cherry blossoms and when I touched the book, I was sucked into. I fell into a lake when I try to climb a tree and then I was back home. I tried it several times with different books but it only seem to work with water."

"But how does it work?"

"Do you not believe in magic, Miss Jane? It is all magic." BJ smiled a tired smile.

How could Jane not believe when she had been going from place to place in matter of minutes? She shook her head. "I do not know. It all seem...unreal."

"That was my reaction too. I suppose if you have done it enough times, you will start to believe." BJ coughed into his sleeve.

"Where are we? Exactly?" Jane asked.

"My mind is a bit muddled but I think we are New York. My guess would be somewhere in 1980 or 1990." BJ wiped his nose with his sleeve. He was covered in sweat.

"What do you mean?" She looked around her again. The windows were covered in grime but she could make out bits of blue sky and shiny tall buildings disappeared upward and out of view. She had never seen such buildings before. "How is this possible? We cannot be hundreds of years in the future."