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April 28, 2018

You: Highlights from Fellow A-Z Participants

blog abc by lb
I thought it would be nice to highlight some posts from fellow A-Z participants. I said 'some' because there are about 300 posts for each letter so it's not easy to choose. Except for the adult content posts, I have visited most blogs and most are quite entertaining. Here are some favorite posts from fellow A-Z participants. Note: clicking on the link opens a new window.

A — Aaaah and other screams @ Jen's Lexical Creations > link

B — B Haiku @ Word Wacker > link

C — Clockpunk @ A Creative PTSD Gal > link

D — Downtown @ Buttercup Counts Her Blessings > link

E — Euphemism: saying it, without saying it @ Time and Tide > link

F — Five of my favorite things @ My Ordinary Moments > link

G — Gorgeous Gnome @ Colin D. Smith > link

H — Hidden Heroes @ Kat Seaholm > link

I — Italian Bread @ Stories Served Around The Table > link

J — Jokes @ Lisa's Garden Adventure > link

K — Kin @ I'm Jem > link

L — London @ Part-time Working Hockey Mom > link

M — Edvard Munch - Letters to Dead Artists @ Beyond the Flow > link

N — Night Owls @ Sundry Scribbling > link

O — Once Upon A Time @ Free Spirit > link

P — Paraprosdokian @ Sandy Sandals > link

Q — Quatervois @ Pamela & Ken's Days of Fun!! > link

R — R @ On My Way Home > link

S — A Story of Subsistence In ┼áiauliai, Lithuania @ Iain Kelly > link

T — Trees @ Beyond the Precipice > link

U — Utopia @ Lulu-Bys Place > link

V — Venice Beach Street Art @ Of Love + Light > link

W — The Right Waves @ I Rhyme Without Reason > link

X — Xenoglossophobia @Transformed Non-Conformist > link

Y — Your LIghthouse Adventure @ Atherton's Magic Vapour > link

Z — Zenith @ To My Recollection > link

Check out the April A-Z Challenge blog here >
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