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March 19, 2018

A to Z Challenge April 2018

It's almost time for the April A to Z Challenge. The challenge is for bloggers to post every day in April except Sundays using the alphabet as a sort of guide and that each post has something to do with the letter of the day. I don't remember when I first participated in the challenge but I seem to vaguely remember doing this last year and it was fun, a little chaotic and a little stressful but I enjoyed it so that's why I'm doing it again this year.

Today, we are to reveal our theme but I don't have one. I'm just going to post whatever comes to my head but there might be fiction or not. At the A to Z Challenge blog, they have a post called 'Idea Donation Day' but I didn't see anything that I like. I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to leave any ideas, prompts or suggestions in the comments. I love to do something that someone else thought of.

Sign up for the A to Z Challenge here >

Update: I finally settle on what I'll be writing: short fiction and miscellaneous lists. I like writing fiction and I like making lists and so combining the two is the perfect way to challenge myself  or not, depending how well I will do but yeah, short fiction and miscellaneous lists - that's what I'm posting for April.  Help me decide what to write, suggest words/phrases/ideas on this post.
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