"My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence." ― Sir Arthur Conan Doylen, Sherlock Holmes
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July 25, 2017

To e-reader or not

'levitate fairy' work in progress
I have always love reading actual paper books and I never thought to get an e-reader but now I've changed my mind. Just a little. Okay, maybe a whole lot. To be honest, I don't want yet another gadget to charge like my phone (which I have to charge every couple of days or or else no power) but I was enticed. I like the idea of having tons of books to read all at once in a little gadget.
'I like white gadgets'
I think one of the best reason to have an e-reader is so I can borrow books from the library. And also, in a way, I can test out books and read only the ones I want to continue reading and it also saves on trees or so I think though I doubt I would be saving any actual trees as most books have already been printed but it's a nice thought.

But of course there is the problem of choosing which one. I have read reviews, comparison reviews and such and I'm a little hesitant. I am considering getting Amazon's regular Kindle OR Kindle Paperwhite. I'm leaning toward the regular Kindle but the Paperwhite is kind of enticing with their 300 ppi resolution but since I won't be reading a lot on the e-reader, I wonder if spending more on the Paperwhite version is worth it. Both Kindles are quite similar with battery life, black and white display (It is a bit sad that the book covers will not be in color) and same screen size, etc. but Paperwhite is thought to be the slightly better model.

So which do you think I should get: the regular Kindle or the Paperwhite? Or do you think I should get a different brand?

July 21, 2017

What 'personal blog' means to me (100th post & a giveaway)

100th posts art

This is the 100th post. Well, okay, it's not quite true as I switched url and I deleted a lot of posts and beside I seem have posted mostly memes/blog challenges but that doesn't matter. What matters is what my blog is now and that makes this the 100th post. I thought I celebrate this little accomplishment because it really does not come by often. Well, it does but not lately.

I don't think I ever address what my blog is about or what label it should be under. But it really doesn't matter because if you're interest in something, you don't go around seeking out what category they are in, do you?

B.L.O.G.G.I.N.G. > Busy Laughing & Ogling Gifs & Gorging on Inappropriate, Nutty Goods

This blog and all my previous blogs before this never had a niche or any specific theme. But I guess you could call my blog a 'personal blog' though I really don't know what that means when compare with other blogs.

A 'personal blog' to me means 'a blog about a person's opinions & thoughts & whatever interest them' and that's exactly what this blog is about. Maybe there are things here that sort of show off my personal side but not much. In a few words, my blog is about my art, my fiction writings, books I read and adore, whatever interest me or gets into my head & every now and then some giveaways. So it's really just another blog.

To celebrate reaching 100 posts, anyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a book from The Book Depository or an art print of your choice from Etsy under the amount of 37 dollars. Or if you prefer, I will create an art piece using a name or a number like the '100' art above (or check the art from this post)  which pretty much means vines and flowers and maybe some other item of your choosing. (Update: contest has ended.)

What about you? Can you sum up your blog in a couple of words?

July 19, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Miss Dot-Dot

'miss dot-dot, gardener extraordinaire'
closeup 1
closeup 2
This week's Scribble Picnic is 'ladybug/ladybird'.  Here's a piece that took shape very quickly. I'm actually surprised I finished in time, I usually spend a lot of time picking out colors and I still sort of not liking some of the colors but it's not so bad.

'Six hands are better than two' - that's what Miss Dot-Dot, gardener extraordinaire, would say. If you're ever in need of garden dreams, she will create one for you and send it your way.

For more takes on ladybug/ladybird, go here.

July 13, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: to-do list

the lost muse
The week's Top Ten Thursday are things that are on your current to-do list — such as things you fully intend to do once you have time or just random stuff you need to do. The first two on the list is always on my to-do list and the rest are really just random things I want to do and #10 is just to make it ten but shouldn't that be on everyone's list?

01/ Write/edit/finish my writings — short stories, novels, novellas, illustrated books, they're all languishing in my computer but I haven't the motivation to work on them & also I have some written in notebooks that I have yet to type them in

02/ Finish the 50+ drawings — I have tons of drafts (digital and on paper) that are just there, I don't know why I start them and then forget them, I guess, like my writings, they just get a start and has no end

03/ Print out my art & create a portfolio  — I think having some of my work in print is kind of nice because then I can see whether not I really like a piece and it may be useful later on

04/ Organize my design portfolio — not the same as #3 because this for graphic design, I have not been organizing my portfolio but I really should, any person who works in any design industry should really keep a portfolio up to date

05/ Recycle gadgets — do you know you can't just throw your computer mouse or gadgets in the trash? You either sell them or have them recycle

06/ Read more books — it used to be that I read more books and watch less television but now I watch more television and read less books so I thought I should read more

07/ Get new clothes — you could say I have an aversion to clothes shops, I always find them to have the music far too loud, the dressing rooms far too small & lacking hangers and chairs, the salespeople asking if I need help too many times and too many people

08/ Post more often on my blog — not much of a to-do sort of thing, more of a goal that I really do want to do but I always fall short

09/ Get more sleep — I think I've mentioned napping as a passtime but in reality, I don't actually take naps but maybe I should start

10/ Eat lunch
— yeah, lunch always on my list

What's on your current to-do list?

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July 12, 2017

Scribble Picnic: fill in the blank

bunny kiss
This week's Scribble Picnic is 'Fill in the blank'. We are given this to draw around or over or just about anything:
I have used it for the bunny's nose and upper lip and the above gif is the result. Below is the four images that makes up the gif. The drawing themselves are drawn in Adobe Illustrator. I used Adobe Photoshop Animation feature to put the drawings together and make a animation gif.

bunny kiss - panels

July 7, 2017

Seven things that will make a blogger happy or at least, slightly happy

Today is July 7 (7/7) so I thought I write a list of 7 things. This list sort of came from someone's else's idea from a post I had read a while back but now I don't have the link. These are, I think, good ways to support a blogger especially for those who don't use social media like me though these can benefit any bloggers because we all want some sort of sign that someone reads our blog, right?

Seven things that will make a blogger happy or at least, slightly happy:

01/ Leave a comment on their blog — very obvious but it may as well be the number one reason I blog because quite frankly, no matter how much I think I'm blogging for myself, I like having readers & I like having my posts read

02/ Use affiliated links — such as Amazon, Book Depository, any sites that you might shop from, though the blogger will earns very little money off it, it still does something

03/ Follow/subscribe to their blog — I have bloglovin' and set a link to subscribe by email but I really have no understanding of either one, it just seems to me readers just follow/subscribe and sort of forget whatever blog they follow/subscribe but maybe that's not true

04/ Send an email — is just saying 'hello' enough? I don't always know. I sort of think leaving comments is more effective but you can send a blogger email and I'm sure you'll get a respond

05/ Mention a blogger or link to their blog in your post — it's just nice to promote other bloggers, how else could you tell people about all the great blogs you encounter? social media sure but since I don't have any of that, posting blog links is really all I can do. So here's 7 blogs that I think you should visit today:
1) Beauty Flows
2) Joojoo
3) Knitting the wind
4) Twentythree am
5) Curating Cuteness
6) Just way too boss
7) La vie graphite

06/ Buy their stuff — many bloggers are artists and writers who already have art & books to sell so why not buy from them?

07/ Simply visit their blog — yes, just a visit, browse, read, digest information, I do it all the time because I find just enjoying a blog is sometimes enough but it does sometimes prompt me to leave a comment or two

What ways do you spread blog love?

July 2, 2017


closeup 1
closeup 2
closeup 3
I just finished this piece & thought I share it before July ends. I don't really have a title but 'waiting' is what I've been working with. Originally, it was 'the waiting valentines' but now I don't know. Any title suggestions? (click on an image for the larger view).
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