"My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence." ― Sir Arthur Conan Doylen, Sherlock Holmes
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January 10, 2017

January 10: Dream winter vacation

More about the 20 Days of Chill over here

I decide to make a list instead of a story today. I made these stuff up so don't take them seriously unless you want to. And feel free to add your own vacation must in the comments.

Ten Vacations that aren't vacations but should be:
Ten Vacations that aren't vacations but should be:

01/ The Chocolate Vacation - or sweets or whatever is your favorite food is; a day or a week or even a month of eating your favorite food but you might say what about overindulging and gaining weight? you're doing that anyway whenever the holiday comes around so why not do it when you want to?

02/ The Birthday Vacation - a month off from work or from your every day day-to-day for your birthday month; people have been saying we all need to celebrate our birthdays, so why not a whole month?

03/ The Rainy Day Vacation - no more those save-for-a-rainy-day nonsense, when it rains, take a day off or if it rains a week, then a week, a month, then a month

04/ The I-Hope-I-Don't-Get-Arrested Vacation - take time off and do all the crazy and wild and unimaginable things you have always wanted to do but afraid to do them

05/ The Anything-But-Work Vacation - there are times when co-workers or customers or whomever, causes you to freak out and then instead of being destructive and pick fights with them, you can just leave the office and go somewhere where you won't want to hurt people

06/ The Nap Vacation - not necessarily to take naps but maybe slow down and relax and let your worries stray and take care of them tomorrow or next week or next year

07/ The I'm-Sorry-I-Ran-Over-Your-Cat Vacation - we all make mistakes but those mistakes keeps us worrying and so taking some time to just relax to try to get over it or even just to alleviate a bit of the worry, then why not a vacation?

08/ The I-Don't-Care Vacation - there are times that I find myself unable to care about something or someone, not because I don't care but I'm just not in the mood to care, so this might be good for me

09/ The Sunny Winter Vacation - I don't know about other people but sometimes I hate winter and all the snow and the cold and the wearing winter boots, so why not go somewhere warm?

10/ The I-have-to-have-a-vacation Vacation - some days you really just need a vacation


  1. I use to eat whatever I wanted while on vacation. Then one time I traveled for over a year. Yes I put on weight and developed addictions to some food that is best eaten once a month.

    Lovely week to you.

    Let me know if you begin sketching at night, evening meditations. Part of me was in the mood for 29 Faces which does not start till next month. Not sure if i will do it this time. It seems to keep me from doing more involved pieces.

    1. it's just a thought, I usually draw during the day so who knows, I'll try drawing at night maybe once in a while.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha the CAT one ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! I was NOT expecting that one!!!!

  3. #10. That's the way I feel right before major breaks in the school year.

  4. These all sound like they could be wonderful vacations! Well maybe not the cat one. I do like No. 8.


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