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July 29, 2018

The blog header redesign project #2

The blog header redesign project
I'm actually hesitant to show anything because I'm afraid bloggers might not like me messing with their blog header. Anyway, I like doing them, I like seeing a blog getting a nice header but that doesn't mean I want to push my design on anyone so feel free to reject any designs I will be showing. (Read all about the blog header project here.)

This week is focus is on Christine's Blog.  I've been a reader of Christine's blog for a long while now so I'm sort of used to that template with the birds so I did create one header (see draft 2b) that might go well with that template. The other designs are slightly different but not much.

screen shot of 'Christine's Blog'
Draft 1 — those are Christine's artworks, I have chosen the ones that I like to somehow showcase them but now that I look at this draft, I don't really like it.

Draft 2 — it's almost like what's there now except with a slight change and lighter background and the blog background can change to match.

Draft 2b — it's the same as draft 2 but with no shading/shadow with a transparent background and in this way, the header is on top of whatever background there is - here the background is a slight green. With transparent images, the shading/shadow doesn't show well especially with gradient shadows.  But without it, it looks better - see the test screen below.
test blog
As you can see above, the birds show through the name.

Draft 3 — very simple and the image in the white frame can change from time to time.

I like 2b the best but I don't know. I'm sure I'll have a different opinion if I see them at a later time. So what do you think of these?
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