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July 7, 2018

Exciting news - art shop at society6 reopens

screenshot of art shop
screenshot of art shop
So it's not really all that exciting but it is to me — I've reopened my society6 shop today because it's 7/7 and you know 7 is my favorite number. I really wanted to change the url but in order to do that, you have to start a new account and I didn't feel like doing everything over again. So the url is still the same but the name of the shop is now 'the tea rain girl.' 

This shop is really not to make money as artists don't make a lot unless they make a lot of sales which I know I won't. But the point of this shop is really just a way to distribute/promote my art.

I just couldn't decide which piece to put in so right now, there are only a few pieces and they are available as art print or framed prints.  (There seems to be an error where two items are still listed and that I can't seem to delete, so ignore those.) Society6 has other types of products you can put your art on but for now, I'm leaving at just prints. If you have seen an artwork of mine that you would like as a print, let me know, I'll add it to the shop.  Here's a link to all the art posted on this blog. 

Click on the image below to go to the shop:

or click here >

Note: There is a promo sell at Society6 starting tomorrow, July 8 — July 9, 25% off all wall art, just use the code 'ARTNOW' 

Society6 sell - July 8 — July 9, 25% off all wall art, just use the code 'ARTNOW'
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