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June 21, 2018

Things I'm magically drawn to

'sleep with stars'
This week's Top Ten Thursday is 'certain things we feel magically drawn to: "stuff", foods, people, locations.' I'm listing ten things that just comes to my head today so this is a bit random.

01/ stars — I just like them a lot especially the five-point stars

02/ mint/blue color things — whenever go shopping or just looking around, somehow blue or mint just comes to mind when it comes to choosing a color

03/ bicycles — I just love them

04/ white furniture — I like the look of white furniture, not to say I don't like color furniture but that I just find white furniture to look so nice and clean and almost organize somehow

05/ crystal/glass lamp base lamps — I guess I just like how they sparkle or something

06/ pajamas pants — I love wearing them

07/ umbrellas/rain — I seem to feature these two a lot in my artwork, I just think they seem sort of magical

08/ things that are designed well — like a book cover or a piece of furniture or anything that looks like people took the time to make them

09/ flowers — I love seeing flowers of all kinds especially the really bright, colorful ones or if I'm a different mood, the soft, light hue ones

10/ books — I love books, I love to browse them at book stores or the library, mostly at the book store because I can buy them and take them home and never give them up but I do sometimes if I especially dislike a book but yeah, books because they take you anywhere and you can live adventures you would otherwise never would

What are some things that you are magically drawn to?

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