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June 22, 2018

'leia in wonderland' art process

the steps - click on image for a larger view
My process is this: 1- draw, 2- scan & edit drawing, 3- color. Simple enough, right? I don't often do sketches and I didn't do that for this one but I did practice draw a few things before working on the final.

I work on pieces of papers but sometimes the art grows/expands like 'leia in wonderland' and I have to add paper, sort of like adding more space to add more things. Sometimes it can be a problem putting them together after I scan them in because they sometimes do not line up and also I have a small scanner so I can't scan them together.

'leia in wonderland' just somehow became a larger piece. I really meant to drawn just her face and that's it. So maybe I should get larger paper? That's probably won't solve my problem because whatever I do, some pieces just wants to be bigger no matter how large the paper is.

before edit in Photoshop - click on image for a larger view
after edit in Photoshop - click on image for a larger view

As you can see below, it's not quite finished but I really like it like this. I like that unfinished look. I will reveal the final version in July (if I manage to finish) to maybe coincide with my society6 shop reopening which I haven't decided on yet.

'leia in wonderland' in progress - click on image for a larger view

'leia in wonderland' in progress - closeup 1 - click on image for a larger view

'leia in wonderland' in progress - closeup 2 - click on image for a larger view
Is the gold/pink/light blue clashing? Too many colors? Are her hands too large? Does that look like tea in that cup? Does that looks like toast in her left hand? That's what I'm going for. I was thinking of turning it into a half-torn playing card but I like the idea of 'tea and toast' so it's toast. These are the silly questions I seem to ask myself when working on a piece. But sometimes I just don't think about it and that's why I usually sort of half watch tv shows while working on my art. The distraction helps somehow. Your brain isn't as crowded if you're half paying attention to something else. That's what I like to think anyway.

What are your steps in creating art? Is it just 1-2-3 or is there more steps? If you post about your art process, let me know in the comments.
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