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May 18, 2018

Books Read in March & April - Part 1

'she reads books' by lb
I don't know where the time went but I certainly have spent them and some of it was in reading books. Here are the books I've read in March and April.

01/ Rainbow Valley (Anne of Green Gables #7) by L.M. Montgomery > link
This is all about the Blythe children and four of the Meredith children and one Mary Vance who I really just dislike altogether. She often say the most awful things. My favorite characters are dreamy Walter Blythe and sweet Una Meredith who is faithful and kind. This is a fun and nostalgic read. I quite like the children and their antics and ways of thinking. I especially remember the scene where Walter and Faith Meredith are riding pigs on the street - can you imagine riding pigs?

02/ Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables #8) by L.M. Montgomery
> link
Here we get to see the children from Rainbow Valley as almost grown ups. But the main focus is Rilla, Anne and Gilbert Blythe's youngest daughter. (Rilla is named after Marilla Curtbert which I thought is a nice tribute to that character.) But Rilla is not much like her mother Anne. She's not ambitious or have any high ideal, she is just a simple person who wants to live a simple life but then comes the war. So basically it's mostly about Rilla but there are many, many scenes talking about the war and war-related news and most of it I find a bit boring. But when it's focus on Rilla, the story gets better. I have to say I'm not a fan of stories set in war time because there's always a chance of a character dying and here someone does die which is devastating because I really wanted that character to live. I did like this book but I kind of wish there is more to the ending. It's one of those endings with a conclusion but you have to imagine the rest.

I actually didn't read #7 and #8 in the Anne of Green Gables series before because they usually comes as a 6 book package. But now I can finally said I have read the whole series. Technically there is a #9 titled 'The Road to Yesterday' but that's a short stories collection so I don't count it as part of the series.

03/ The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery > link
This is the sequel to The Story Girl. This just your general childhood follies - some of them are fun and some are just kind of okay. Not much story telling by the story girl in this one but it was still a delightful read.

Favorite Quote: "What mattered it though the world were gray and wintry? We walked the golden road and carried spring time in our hearts, and we beguiled our way with laughter and jest, and the tales of the Story Girl told us — myths and legends of elder time."

04/ Pat of Silver Bush & Mistress Pat by L.M. Montgomery > link
I hadn't thought they would start Pat of Silver Bush with Pat at age six because she sounded so much older. Pat hates changes and anything that changes Silver Bush or her family gets to her. Her family knows this and they seem to indulge her and even try to shield her from it which I think it's a bit ridiculous. And then there's the family's housekeeper Judy. Judy is like a second mother to Pat since Pat's mother is sick most of the time and we don't even get to hear much from her. I find that a bit odd at first but later on, not so much. I have to admit, I have trouble understanding Judy's Irish dialogue and she talks a lot in both books. But if I read it slowly, I can understand but honestly, I kind of wish the dialogue are written without the accents. I can't say I like Pat much but at least she is loyal to her home and family. I did enjoyed reading her story.

05/ A Tangled Web by L.M. Montgomery > link
The whole book centers on the heirloom jug and the people who coveted it and their problems. There is no particular character that stands out to me as I find them mostly unlikable and rather immature. There are some fun/intriguing bits but mostly it's a quick read that I'm sure I enjoyed reading it but I can't remember much from it though, at least, not after two months.

Favorite Quote: "I've never hoped to be loved in return – but it hurts damnably," said Roger.

06/ Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery > link
I really do like Jane and I like how she grows throughout the book. But the ending is a bit too quick and the resolution is easily solved. It just seems like the happy ending came suddenly. I'm not complaining about the happy ending because I like happy endings but I just wish there have been something more, like some other added storyline for a more thorough ending. But I still enjoyed reading this.

07/ Emily of New Moon/Emily Climbs/Emily's Quest by L.M. Montgomery > link
I can't help but think of Anne from Anne of Green Gables when talking about Emily of New Moon. I think Emily is what Anne would become if Anne had followed her writing dreams. Emily found success with her writing but her love life does mirrored Anne's a bit - there's a long delay before Emily got together with Teddy. I really didn't like some of the turn of events. For example:

~ Spoilers ~ After Emily had an accident resulting in a terrible foot injury and recovering from that injury, she decided to marry Dean. Maybe she was grateful to him for being there and helping her keeping her spirits up. I don't really get the reason but whatever it is, it just sounds a bit like she just give up on whatever life she have wanted - her writings weren't being accepted and Teddy seemed not to love her - maybe she thought marrying Dean would make her happy.

I actually never liked Emily's relationship with Dean. At first, it seems innocent enough but then it changes a bit as Emily grows up. The fact that Dean is waiting for Emily to grow up so he can marry her is creepy to me. So maybe that fact is not clearly stated but it is hinted at. Perhaps if Emily had met Dean when she is an adult, then it wouldn't be creepy. I don't know. Maybe in those days, old guys marrying young girls is normal but in this modern age, it just sounds creepy to me. Of course she didn't marry Dean in the end but I find the scenes after their engagement when they are decorating their would-be home a bit weird and uncomfortable to read, like this-shouldn't-be-happening-at-all kind of weird.

And also Teddy almost marrying Ilse is just crazy. I keep waiting for Ilse to scream 'Surprise, it's a joke' or something because the idea just shocks me. Maybe such extreme is needed to shake the story up. I don't know. It just seems like such a silly ploy to get the story going.  ~ End of Spoilers ~

The Emily trilogy is a good trilogy but I did find it rather slow in some parts, frustrating in others. I suppose if a book doesn't make you feel something, then, it's not a good book.

Favorite Quote: "The fantastic shape my fear assumes is that it would be too much trouble to be happy – require too much energy."
Emily's Quest

Read any good book lately? Share them in the comments.
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