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April 23, 2018

The Thin Man Quotes

The Thin Man, After The Thin Man, Another Thin Man
Today, I'm sharing some favorite quotes from The Thin Man movies - The Thin Man, After The Thin Man, Another Thin Man.

Nick Charles: Hey, would you mind putting that gun away? My wife doesn't care, but I'm a very timid fellow.

Marion: I don't like crooks. And if I did like 'em, I wouldn't like crooks that are stool pigeons. And if I did like crooks that are stool pigeons, I still wouldn't like you.

Nora Charles: You know, that sounds like an interesting case. Why don't you take it?
Nick Charles: I haven't the time. I'm much too busy seeing that you don't lose any of the money I married you for.

Nora Charles: How did you know I was here?
Nick Charles: I saw a great group of men standing around a table. I knew there was only one woman in the world who could attract men like that. A woman with a lot of money.

Nick Charles: The murderer is right in this room. Sitting at this table. You may serve the fish.

Nora Charles: Gilbert, you've been listening on the extension again.
Gilbert: Of course, what else is an exension for?

Reporter #1: Are you gonna keep on with your detective work then?
Nick Charles: I've retired. I'm just going to take care of my wife's money, so I'll have something in my old age.

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  1. Replies
    1. I like sharing these. I think they don't make movies like they used to.

  2. They really don't write dialogue as good as this anymore - no.2 in particular is brilliant!

    1. I agreed with you. movies aren't the same anymore.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. I've never heard of these movies but the quotes sound fabulous - I'll have to look them up.
    Have a great day Lissa.

    1. 'the thin man' movies are classics - there are six of them altogether. Powell and Loy are just so wonderful as husband and wife and the dog is fun too.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  4. Wow! I had no idea you loved old classic movies like these, and these quotes are timeless. I remember every one of these movies and enjoy watching AMC and TCM when I can. Thanks so much for the memories! Hugs...RO

    1. I like a lot of old movies especially if there are humor in them and the thin man movies have tons of humor in them. I used to watch a lot of classics. I love all the audrey hepburn/bette davis movies and some others I can't name right now though I have not been watching all that many these days. I guess so many new movies that got my attention.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.


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