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April 19, 2018


photo by Rachel at Elephantine
Fiction: A Query

Lefty: "Do you suppose he likes her?"

Spot: "Why shouldn't he? Our mistress is just as good as any creatures."

Lefty: "The thing looks like an imbecile."

Spot: "Don't say that. He's our mistress' dear friend. We mustn't talk of him so."

Lefty: "But he is an imbecile. Just look at him - practically flying at the Frisbee. I wonder how anyone could stand his drool."

Spot: "Well, we mustn't judge. Perhaps he is born that way. His human sure have a liking for him. Remember how he hugged him like he was leaving a baby behind?"

Lefty: "But all that drooling, how does he keep anything dry?"

Spot: "We shouldn't talk like that."

Lefty: "And why not? He has taken our mistress' time. She should be in here where it's warm. Instead, she's out there freezing, all for his exercises."

Spot: "Oh, we mustn't think that way. He does need his exercises. You wouldn't want him to exercise in here, would you?"

Lefty: "Certainly not. But why does he need her to exercise with?"

Spot: "Just look at the poor fella starving for attention. And you know how mistress feels about creatures that needs attention. She couldn't just turn them away."

Lefty: "More like drooling for attention. Look how she just pets him. How could she do it? How could she stand all that drool?"

Spot: "I'd heard humans have a high tolerance when it comes to furry creatures."

Lefty: "I suppose so or else she would not hug him like so. Just think, when she returns, she would have his drool all over her. What if she forgets and comes over to us?"

Spot: "I'm sure she is more sensible. She always takes a shower after a round of play."

Lefty: "Why does his human leave him here so often if he loves him so much?"

Spot: "Perhaps he needed a break. I'd heard some humans aren't so tolerable sometimes."

Lefty: "Perhaps you're right. But I do wish he wouldn't come over so often. How are we to get any time with mistress?"

Spot: "Oh Lefty, don't say that. Our mistress is very kind."

Lefty: "Too kind, I think. Just look at her. How could she kiss him with all the drool?"

Spot: "Lefty, would you please stop talking about his drool? You do know you wash yourself with your tongue every night? Now don't you think you have drool all over you whenever mistress kisses you?"

Lefty: "That is different. I'm clean. I get a bath every week. I don't think that fella over there gets any. Just look at his fur, it's filthy."

Spot: "That's because he has been playing."

Lefty: "Stop defending him or I'll tell the mistress about your late night roaming."

Spot: "I'm not defending him, I just think the poor fella needs a bath."

Lefty: "Yes, he does. Quick! Hide! He's coming in."

Spot: "Lefty! There's no reason to hide. This is our house."

Lefty: "Yes, this is our house but if he wants my company, he'll have to take a bath first."

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