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April 16, 2018

Newbie Vs. Pro

art by lb
I've been blogging for a long while now so I must have gained some wisdom right? I don't think I'm a pro but I have formed habits that might make me sound like one. Today, I am comparing my newbie-ness versus my pro-ness. Isn't it odd how your opinion change with time?

01/ Comments
As a Newbie : write however you feel even if it offends everyone
As a Pro : carefully thought out your words and then self-edit like crazy

02/ Domains/URLs
As a Newbie : rush to get a domain even though you haven't really thought it out
As a Pro : decide not to use any domain because it's not all that important

03/ Posting Schedule & Content
As a Newbie : post every day even if the post is not at all interesting to anyone or yourself
As a Pro : post whenever you want and whatever you want but carefully construct and write posts

04/ Stats
As a Newbie : check it every other day even though there is no chance of changing
As a Pro : pretty much ignore it completely

05/ Blog Template
As a Newbie : choose a standard template and kept it the same and put in everything and overcrowding it
As a Pro : use a spare template but changes it just about every week

06/ Feeds
As a Newbie : set up feeds and make links for the blog so people can subscribe to them
As a Pro : don't bother with feeds but have set up bloglovin and that's about it

07/ Social Media
As a Newbie : sign up for every media there is and maddeningly update them
As a Pro : deleted accounts like they are nothing and don't sign up for any more

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