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April 11, 2018

Jolly Laughs

photo found here
This is what I thought of when I saw this image:

"Little girl, is this the way to the north pole? I'm asking for a mate. Why do you laugh? Oh, alright, I don't know where the north pole is, happy?"

"And so I told Mrs. Penguin, if she won't have me, I will find someone who will. So, my dear, will you have me?" (Pause.) "Why do you giggle so? I am a respectable penguin and I demand you stop giggling at once."

"No, darling child, that's not how a kangaroo walks. Just watch me."

"Don't laugh. My flippers are really stuck this way. I shouldn't have listen to that silly goose. She told me starch can get anything out and it did but now I can't move. Oh, please, don't laugh. Oh, alright, laugh but can you get me something to get unstuck? I hate to let my ma see me this way."

"Oh dearie, I'm so glad you like my jokes. I was afraid you wouldn't laugh after that little incident with my beak. But I promise you, I'm really am a vegetarian."

"And then I told Charlie penguins don't swim like that. But he didn't listen. So now his flippers are always like this. Some of us thinks Charlie should just join the circus, he would earn a lot of fish the way he is."

"No, I will not stand here and pretend to be your penguin. No, madam, I am a respectable creature and I will not be laughed at."

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