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April 6, 2018


starlight by lb
Fiction: Firmament

She watches the starlight as she stood on the back porch. The trees sway with the wind's touch. The peaks of houses with their angled roofs and their antennas pointing nowhere, almost makes her feel normal. She looks down at her white rose gown and wonders why she chose it. She have never exactly liked flowery prints nor anything girly. It fits her well and yet, she almost wishes to tear it off her and rip it to bits.

Behind her, the muffled noises from inside the house reminds her where she is. She hopes to never go back inside. Here in the shadows, she is not as stultified. She can be anyone. Perhaps someone strong and even someone purposeful.

She is often amazed at how easy people judge her. Yes, at times, she does appear the most confounded person or even the most arrogant when she refused their party invites. There are moments she thought she might just blurted out her husband wouldn't allow her to go anywhere unless he could go too.

She glances down at her bruised ankle. If only she have learned to fall better. But she is too languid, too slow to react to his blows. There have been moments where she could take it and give him back to him just as good. But the next day, she would return to being the wimpy wife.

The sky booms in thunderous melodies and she wishes she could fly up there. She have always loved the sky. She often dreamed of being part of the firmament. To be one of them - something as loud as the thunder or as tender and as strong as the softly waking rain. Or even as changeable as the clouds.

Someone calls her name but she does not turn around. A pair of arms wrap around her waist in a tight hold. She lets loose a breath. A quick sigh beside her ear cause a few strands of her hair to brush against her cheek. She turns her head slightly away and keeps her arms loose at her sides. She peers upward. She wishes she could really fly straight into the sky.

His hands tighten their grip. She keeps still. Her thoughts fly about. She tries to keep them in but they run out, almost madly. "I wish the sky would take me. Or you."

He lets her go and walks around to face her. "What do you mean?" His grey-black eyebrows knit together and his lips form a firm frown. "Do you want to leave me?! After all I did for you. You ungrateful bi..." He sighs and drops his head as if in defeat.

Then he looks up at her. "Honey..." he begins at the same time that she starts, "I didn't..."

She wants to say she didn't mean it but she did. She leans a little forward and looks into his black eyes. They are not angry, just confused. He takes a few steps back, away from her as if her closeness is too much.

"Honey, I'm sure whatever this is, it will go away." He sounds delicate, like a child. A flash of bright light appear, follow by a clap that echo through the sky. She shields her eyes with her hands and when all is silent, she dares a look. He is gone. For a moment, she stares at the air where he used to be. She laughs. Then she stops. A shiver runs all through her body. Her vision becomes blurred. She rubs her eyes with the back of her thumb and is surprised by the tears. She looks around for something to use but then she notices the small burnt mark on the wooden floor. She bends down and caresses the mark. It's still warm. She lifts her gown and wipes her eyes with the hem. She is not seeing things. The mark is there.

She turns her head up toward the sky. There is something odd about the dark clouds. They seem almost wicked with joy. Rain begins to seep from between them. Little droplets dance near her feet and she remembers she have left her shoes upstairs.

Word suggestions from Sarah: starlight, white rose, shadows, bruised, languid, thunderous, softly.   Thank you, Sarah.

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