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April 5, 2018

Excuses (that might or might not be true) on why I didn't blog

Sometimes I do have periods where I hardly blog and these reasons or excuses might be why. Whether they are true or not, you decide.

01/ Every time I posted something, someone reverted it to a draft.

02/ I was kidnapped by a very devoted fan and I was forced to watch every season of ER backwards and in Spanish.

03/ I didn't want to.

04/ I was in stuck in outer space in a ship that had no power but plenty of food supplies and the only thing working was the oxygen generator.

05/ I went outside and forgot I had a blog.

06/ A bunch of bunnies took me hostage and made me knitted scarves for them.

07/ I have what doctors called, 'Twenty Second Déjá vu Amnesia' in which I remember I have a blog but then twenty seconds later, I forgot it.    

08/ Someone hacked my blog and I couldn't post anything new.

09/ My laptop refused to post for me.

10/ I forgot.

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