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April 4, 2018

A Dinner Conversation

Artwork by by Carrie Mae Smith
Fiction: A Dinner Conversation

B: Why do you always do that?

Z: Do what?

B: You're holding the fork all wrong. It should be held at the top not the middle.

Z: Well, excuse me. I have been holding the fork this way for years. I didn't hear you complaining before. What's changed?

B: I don't know. But certainly, your face have changed. A lot, if I may say.

Z: You may say it but it doesn't mean I have to listen.

B: How dare you say things like that to me?

Z: Why wouldn't I dare? You said it first with the fork. I didn't mention all the bills you rack up buying those useless coats.

B: They're not useless.

Z: We're in Florida. When was the last time you needed a coat?

B: Well... just yesterday. It was very cold. I wore my black coat and I was quite warm.

Z: Sure you weren't melting like ice under a hot lamp?

B: Oh, you are so....infuriating. I should have listened to my mother and marry Hank instead.

Z: Why don't you marry him now? I'll give you a divorce in a heartbeat. I'm sure Hank will marry you as soon his parole officer says it's alright.

B: Well, at least Hank wouldn't have given me lip for buying those coats.

Z: I'm sure he wouldn't seeing how he couldn't afford them.

B: Oh!

Z: What? Don't look at me like that!

B: I have not noticed it before but you are a very angry man. You hate everything and everyone. I only married you because I didn't want to live with my mother. Now that my mother is gone, I can return home if I want to.

Z: Is that so? Can you pass the salt?

B: Always with the salt. Is my cooking that bad?

Z: You have to ask? Can't you see my face all weathered from your cooking? Remember the tofu chicken a few Christmases ago? Not to mention how you almost smothered my Uncle Abe.

B: That chicken was for your Aunt Barbara who is a vegetarian. Uncle Abe was on fire. I had to put him out! It wasn't my fault he refused to smoke outside the house. Why do you blame everything on me?

Z: Why do you insist that I do?

B: Well, you can say anything now. No one remembers anything but you.

Z: Certainly, Uncle Abe remembers.

B: That old bat. You're just like him, you know.

Z: If that's true, I would have left you after that chicken business.

B: Is that how you really feel?

Z: Isn't it obvious?

B: I can't tolerate this anymore!

Z: Well, who says you have to? There's the door.

B storms out the front door and Z is left to enjoy his dinner quietly. That is the last time the walls heard such a conversation. A month later, a new family arrives with new noises and new fights. The walls sigh with relief. They love listening to the humans fight.

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