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April 2, 2018

Blogging for Introverts

Blogging for Introverts: a guide for the shy ones:

Step 1/ think up a post

Step 2/ write the post

Step 3/ find or create images/photos for the post

Step 4/ edit and re-edit the post a million times

Step 5/ publish the post to your blog & sit around & pretend you did something great & wait

Step 6/ gets no responds, starts to doubt why you started blogging

Step 7/ re-read the post & re-edit it a hundred times & update the post

Step 8/ gets some very lukewarm responds & starts to panic a little

Step 9/ re-read the post and realize it's no good, revert the post & then re-reads all the other posts and revert them all to drafts

Step 10/
realize you hate blogging and start watching tv shows/movies & reading every book in sight

Step 11/ live blissfully and forget you ever had a blog

Step 12/ wakes up one day and decides to start blogging again

Step 13/ repeat steps 1–12 as needed

Okay, so it's really not a guide but it's how I blog.

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