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April 1, 2018

Angel Tales

a to z challenge 2018
Today is the start of the A-Z Challenge. I will be posting short fiction and miscellaneous lists. Today is short fiction.
artwork by Daniel Gerhartz
Angel Tales - 3 stories, 1 image

She craved shelter from the wind and the tired days. But there was none on the small hill where she planted seeds for the new crop. She sat on a soft fallen tree branch, and closed her eyes and tried to think of warm things - the taste of hot soup, a fresh baked bread, the kitchen where she works nights. She fell into a slumber and dreamt she was in someone's gentle embrace. When she woke, she stretched out her arms and released a contented yawn. She glanced up toward the sky. The moon was out - all curvy and bright. She had been asleep quite awhile. But she didn't mind. She had the most magnificent dream. As she set about to go home to cook dinner, she noticed a feather on the ground. She picked it up. The feather was soft and it was white-gold with flickers of twilight. She smiled at a thought: an angel must have lent his arms for her to rest upon. She walked with a quiet song in her steps and the feather in her hand as she headed toward home.

In the wide and large wings, she was held. She did not think they would hold her but the wings were strong and they kept her from the wind and then the rain. The angel and she had been traveling for a while now. He or perhaps she came to her in the night and took her away. The angel appeared to be both male and female as there were no distinguishing features, not even in the human-esque body. But she accepted the angel nonetheless. She had been fighting or perhaps not fighting, perhaps she was easing into the end. The battle as it might be called, was long and filled with worn-out nights and stormy days. Many a time, she had wanted a quick release. But now that it had come, she felt a slight shiver of fear but it was a good kind of fear that kept her in eager anticipation. Their flight was to be a long one and their destination was known only to the angel. But she trusted him or her. She was going home at last.

It was night when he found her. She was careless. She let everyone know who she was, who she used to be. But she had only been a human for seven days. How was she to know how to lie? How was she to know people would react badly to her? He knew because he was once human and she was once his guardian. She had left the heavens to live as one of them for reasons only she knew. And he, in turn, became one of hers. But now that they met again, he was to be her guardian. He picked her up and took her away. The humans were about to burn her alive for they thought her a witch, a crazy woman, a sinner or perhaps they were just afraid of her. No matter the reason, she must leave them. As they flew, her dreams seeped into his. They became for a time, one entity. He knew neither which end was hers and which was his. They flew farther and farther away. Sometimes he knew where she wanted to go and sometimes he knew not. But as her guardian angel, he will go where she goes.

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