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March 27, 2018

unpopular since 2006

unpopular since 2006
In April, it will be 12 years since I started blogging which is a really, really, really long time by my standard. I do not remember the first 10 years of what I blogged. Honestly, all I remember is writing a lot of ramblings, created a lot of lists, some fiction and occasionally there were some rainy day photos and also, in the later years, some of my artworks. But I've enjoyed all the years of blogging, at least, I remember being happy that I got to blog even if my audience consisted of 3 readers which is mostly my fault since I moved to new urls like crazy.

Thank you to those who stuck with me all these years and hopefully will continue to support me. Your visits and comments keeps me from quitting blogging although I'm sure there other various reasons as well but I just can't remember what they are right now. But it really is mostly you, readers, because without readers, I would be blogging for myself which would be fine but honestly, I really do prefer to have someone read my blog instead of just me, so thank you readers!
some screen shots of some of my previous blogs  / click on the image for the larger view
To celebrate, I usually host a giveaway. Enter the Unpopular Giveaway here > (Update: contest is closed)

And I post one of two lists:
(1) Unpopular since 2006 – a list of how to be as unpopular as me
(2) Honest Taglines For My Blog – just taglines that would have be my blog's tagline except that I don't use them. Today is list #2.

Honest Taglines For My Blog:

01/ blogging ridiculously slow since 2006

02/ under new management since 2006 which conincidently is the same management except with a little more lazyness thrown in

03/ pretending to blog until someone gives me something else to do

04/ pretending to drink coffee while blogging

05/ talking to myself since 2006

06/ newly redesigned to be 97.7% less productive than ever before

07/ blogging without coffee since 2006

08/ silently procrastinating while noisily pretending to be busy

09/ posting things that I am not ashamed to share, at least not right away

10/ wasting time until something else comes along to waste more time

Note: This list has been updated from the 2017 list which was updated from the 2016 list which was updated from a previous list but I can't remember what year I started that list but I'm sure it has been updated several million times. Just know I did write these sober which means no coffee.

What's your honest tagline for your blog?


  1. Replies
    1. thanks. it's quite a long time when you think about it.

      & thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  2. Congratulations on sticking with blogging for 12 years! I know how lovely it is for people to visit our blogs and especially when they leave a comment!! I like it especially when you show your art, like the illustration above!

    1. I'm glad to hear you like seeing my art.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. your list made me smile. I sense there is seriousness in it, but i like that sort of humor.

    Happy blog anniversary!
    I remember some of your headers....
    I think blogs are unpopular these days......
    IG is much more busy....

    1. there is some seriousness in the list as most of them are quite true.

      yeah, I have noticed blogs are slowing down, at least, I have seen bloggers aren't updating as much as they used to. I'm not on instagram but I don't think I'm missing anything, if I do, don't tell me.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  4. Congratulations!!!!!

    I've been blogging for years, but under different blog names.

    Description of my present blog, in 7 words...

    "I like it, not many others do."


  5. Came over from RO's blog to congratulate you on your 12th anniversary, I'm almost on my 7th anniversary, so that's impressive. I have to say it's my first visit and I'm impressed you've hosted so many blogs with such different names, how interesting.

  6. You can thank RO for my first time visit here. Your sense of humor seems to last as long as your lists. And who can possibly function without coffee?

    Regardless, congrats on 12 years. I wish I'd found you sooner.

  7. The end of next month will be 13 years for me. Congrats on 12 years!

  8. Congratulations on 12 years that is simply amazing!


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