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March 2, 2018

This is not a book blog

February has been a short month but it sure seems a lot shorter somehow. Only just yesterday, well, two days ago, it was February and I was looking forward to March but now that March is here, I sort wish it's still February. Anyway, here are just a few thoughts for this rainy Friday morning.

01/ This is not a book blog.  At least, I think it's not a book blog. Even though I post about books and most of my artwork have books in them and most of the quotes I used are from books. And still, this is not a book blog. There is once upon a time I did want to have a book blog but I sort of squashed that thought. I guess this blog you're reading is considered a personal blog which pretty much means it's a random blog that has everything or anything that I can think of and usually it's books and occasionally movies and tv shows. My art and fiction writing is sort of none existence at the moment. But I guess it's okay. A blog doesn't have be about just one thing, right?'

02/ Books Read in February – of course, now that I declared this is not a book blog, I immediately start talking about books.

Ice by Anna Kavan 01 - Ice by Anna Kavan
This is quite a strange book because the narrative is a bit strayed. It's not always told in a straight way as thoughts and images (real and imagined) collide together and you don't always knows what's true or not. I think it's too deep a book for me to truly understand it but I think it's brilliant. If you like psychological books, this is for you.

Favorite Quote: "The ghostly gleam of her face lured me into the shadows, her hair was a cloud of light; but as I came near her she turned and fled, the silver shifting suddenly on her shoulders, a waterfall glinting in moonlight."

Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell02 -  Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell
Wives and Daughters was the last book that Gaskell had written and it was not finished but the ending does foretold what will happened, at least, I sort of have a sense of what will happen and I imagined a happy ending because I like happy endings. Wives and Daughters is a straight-forward tale, quite like Cinderella with Molly being Cinderella but at least, she didn't quite have to attend to her stepmother or stepsister like Cinderella but they sure make her feel awful in some instances. I really like Molly and I hate Cynthia for causing all the trouble for Molly. And the stepmother, Clare, isn't any better. She just seems kind of whiny and isn't all that attentive even to her own daughter - I mean all those things are going on right in front of her and she have no clue. I know Molly's father married Clare because he wanted his daughter to have a mother but he really picked the wrong woman. I do like his close relationship with Molly. They have a great father-daughter relationship right from the beginning. It was kind of sad that relationship became a bit stale with the stepmother and stepsister's arrival. I did enjoyed reading this book but I kind of hate that it took so long for anyone to see Molly's worth especially a certain Roger Hamley.

Favorite Quote: "If Roger was not tender in words, he was in deeds. Unreasonable and possibly exaggerated as Molly's grief had appeared to him, it was real suffering to her; and he took some pains to lighten it, in his own way, which was characteristic enough. That evening he adjusted his microscope, and put the treasures he had collected in his morning's ramble on a little table; and then he asked his mother to come and admire. Of course Molly came too, and this was what had intended. He tried to interest her in his pursuit, cherished her first little morsel of curiosity, and nursed it into a very proper desire for further information. Then he brought out books on the subject, and translated the slightly pompous and technical language into homely every-day speech. Molly had come down to dinner, wondering how the long hours till bedtime would ever pass way: hours during which she must not speak on the one thing that would be occupying her mind to the exclusion of all others; for she was afraid that already she had wearied Mrs Hamley with it during their afternoon téte-d-téte. But prayers and bedtime came long before she had expected; she had been refreshed by a new current of thought, and she was very thankful to Roger. And now there was to-morrow to come, and a confession of penitence to made to her father."

The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery
03 - The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery
You enter into an innocence, old fashion world where your worries are mostly simple things such as believing you can grow taller by eating magic seeds or having a contest who can eat sour apples without making a face - all things that just takes you back to an innocence time. Sara Stanley aka The Story Girl as she is always called, is a dreamer, I like to think, a dreamer that can tell you stories and take you to different worlds. I kind of wish the book is told in her voice but then I think better not. Seeing the Story Girl though another's eye which I may say, enchanted eyes because Bev King, the narrator, is quite enchanted with the Story Girl, is actually good because we get to see how she bewitched people with her stories. The scenery descriptions are wonderfully detailed and you do feel you are there on Prince Edward Island enjoying the view with the children. I can't say this is one of my favorite Montgomery book but I really enjoyed reading it.

Favorite Quote: "Instantly we saw ourselves and each other by inner vision, old and gray — all but the Story Girl. We could not picture her as old. Always, as long as she lived, so it seemed to us, must she have sleek brown curls, a voice like the sound of a harpstring in the wind, and eyes that were stars of eternal youth."

Musings of a literary wanderer
03/ A while ago, Angela Lawrence at Musings of a Literary Wanderer post about why she doesn't talk about her blog in real life and I agreed with her.  I never tell people I have a blog because I do feel a little embarrassed for reasons I'm just not sure why. It's not like I'm posting anything scandalous but it just seems like it there's no reason to tell people I have a blog. This line from Angela's post really expressed my feelings:

" makes me nervous to think that someone I know and see often is reading my words and maybe even judging me for my thoughts.  For some reason, it's less nerve-wracking to have someone I don't know offline reading my posts."

I guess I like that people don't really know who I am as I'm not on any social media and I guess I like my half anonymity just a little too much. Sorry but, well, not sorry, I think it's enough to just have a blog even if people don't know about its existence. [ Read Angela Lawrence's post here.]

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