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March 20, 2018

Leave a message if you can

Whenever I try to leave a comment on a blog, there is sometimes a bit of an obstacle with the comment system itself. (Let's not forget there is also the word/math/image verifications but we're not talking about that today.) The comment system has quite a unique style of its own. I'm on Blogger (which is basically Google) and most of the time, it's easy because all I have to do is sign in but with other types of blogs, it's slightly different. Okay, so I'm a bit lazy because sometimes I hate signing in and signing out but mostly, as a blog reader, I just want a simple, easy way to leave a message.

Here are the comment options I have encountered (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on anything):

Option 1 — Blogger
This is what my blog comment is set to with all the choices: Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Typepad, AIM (I have no idea what that is), OpenID, Name/URL and Anonymous. I like this one because it have all the options anyone needs to make a comment. Option 1B is the popup window version of Option 1. There seem to be less of the popup version these days. Sometimes it opens as a popup window and sometimes it opens as a new page and you have to click on 'Show Original Post' to see the post content but you can't see the photos which I think is a shame. I usually just sign into Blogger and leave a comment but occasionally, I use the Name/URL if I want someone to reach a certain post when they click on my name.

Option 2Blogger
This option is the same as Option 1 but without the Name/URL or Anonymous options which I don't think it's a good idea because you're forcing people to sign in/sign up for an account just to comment. Option 2B is the popup window version of Option 2. I do the same thing as Option 1 – sign into Blogger and leave a comment.

Option 3 — Wordpress
Name/Email/URL option with an option to sign into Wordpress, Twitter, or Facebook which I don't have so I usually use the Name/Email/URL option. (Note: URL means the Website.)

Option 4 — Wordpress 
This is the same as Option 3 with the added Google+. I usually use the Name/Email/URL option.

Option 5 — Wordpress
Mandatory sign into Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ if you want to leave a comment. I pretty much just leave when I see this as I see no reason to sign in at all because I don't have any of those things, well, except Google+ but I rarely use that option.

Option 6 — Wordpress  
Sign into intensedebate or Wordpress or use the Name/Email/URL option. I don't seem to read blogs that uses intensedebate all that much. I just use the Name/Email/URL option because I'm not on intensedebate or Wordpress.

Option 7 — Disqus
Requires you to sign in using Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google. I don't have Disqus, Facebook or Twitter and even though I do have Google, I guess I'm kind of lazy because I really don't want to sign in and I also find even if I try to sign into Google, it seems to be another feature or option that adds onto Google or something. Doesn't matter, I just leave the blog when I see this.

Option 8 — Disqus
Same as Option 7 but with the 'I'd rather post as a guest' option where you leave your name and email and your message but no URL. But you do have to click on the name box to see if this option is there. Even though 'I'd rather post as a guest' is a good option for people without Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google and who doesn't want to sign in, I still think it's rather like being anonymous because you're leaving a message without any link so the blogger won't know where to find you. I pretty much leave when I see this unless I really, really want to leave a comment which most of time, I don't.

Option 9 — Google+
Mandatory sign into google+. I have a separate google account that has google+ but sometimes my comment disappears after it's posted which I have no clue why and I'm just too lazy to find out. I pretty much leave if I see this but if I know the blogger, then I'll try to sign into google+ and leave a comment. I have only encountered 3 bloggers with this google+ comment system so it is rarely used.

Option 10 — Others
This has the Name/Email/URL option. I wish all blogs has this option as I think it's the most simple system and no one has to sign in or sign up to anything. I would like Blogger to have this comment style so people can see the Name/Email/URL option because I don't think people actually look through the drop down menu. I know I'm kind of lazy to check out all the options. Sometimes I just want to leave a comment without all the fuss about signing in/signing up. This is really the only option that won't make me leave.

I know there are more options but these are the most common ones that I've encountered. Have you seen other different ones? Which comment system do you prefer? 
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