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March 31, 2018

Anne of Green Gables Read Along: Chapters 27-38

Today, we are discussing chapters 27-38 and the end of the book.

These last few chapters is bittersweet and mostly because of Matthew. I won't say what happened because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read the book but I suppose all these discussions are a bit spoiler-ish, aren't they? I do kind of wish Matthew is around in book two. It saddens me that we won't get to know more about him. But at least Anne and Gilbert are now friends. And the ending is good. For Anne to make that decision at the end says how much she loves Green Gables so I thought she made the right choice.

"All the Beyond was hers with its possibilities lurking rosily in the oncoming year — each year a rose of promise to be woven into an immortal chaplet."
– Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Here are the questions from Jennie:

01/ Is this your first time reading Anne of Green Gables or a reread? Either way, what did you think about it?
This is a good re-read though I think reading a few chapters, then stop and then pick up again, is a bit jarring. I'm used to reading a book continuously unless I loose interest and with Anne of Green Gables, I didn't loose interest. I think read alongs aren't bad, it's the stretching out of the reading pace that just puts me off a bit plus I can't always remember what I read a week or two weeks before because that's how long in between the reading was. Still, I like having to discuss what I read with other people though I didn't join in the twitter chats.

As for the book, I actually love it more than before and I also seem to remember more than I thought. I don't usually do re-read unless I really love the book. So it's good to read about Anne again and live in those simple but humorous and altogether sweet times.

02/ If this is your first time reading Anne of Green Gables, do you plan to read the rest of the series? If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables before, have you read the rest of the series? What do you think about it?
I have read the rest of the series but I seem to have forgotten most of what happened. There were less of Anne as each book progressed and I sort of didn't like that but I'll probably change my mind when I do a re-read. I thought Rilla of Ingleside was pretty good and there were hints of Anne's characteristics in other people and repeat storylines that are similar to Anne's but I really do like Rilla.

03/ Who is your favorite character and why?
Everyone's favorite is probably Anne and she is my favorite but then there is Matthew whom I might have mentioned a few times in the last two discussions. I just think Matthew is the kind of people that you rarely meet in real life. He have an even temper and he just knows how to keep still and speaks only when necessarily. He is like a hidden prince charming and only people who got to know him, knows how sweet and kind he is.

04/ Who is your least favorite character and why?
I don't think I have least favorites because I find everyone enjoyable in their own way. Now if the question is 'Who is the most annoying?,' I would say Mrs. Lynde. Mrs. Lynde is like the annoying neighbor that won't shut up about everything and how things should be done. But she is good-natured and you can't really say she is wrong on some things because she had raised several children. But when you think of her as Marilla's friend, you sort of see she's not all that annoying because she sort of help Marilla now and then with her perspective on things. I'm sure I laughed when Anne slapped Mrs. Lynde for insulting her about her hair. I honestly thought if Mrs. Lynde doesn't exist, the book would be a bit dull.

05/ What was your favorite scene and why?
When Gilbert came on a boat and rescued Anne from almost drowning. I find that scene quite amusing. And when Matthew tried to purchase a dress for Anne. I think that says a lot about Matthew. You just know he cares very much about Anne at that moment, okay, perhaps that really is not the moment but it certainly proves it. For someone who is almost fearful of talking to the female species and to actually talk to them, takes tremendous courage. Those two scenes are tied as my favorite.

06/ What did you think about the last third of the book and why?
See the summary above.

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