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March 22, 2018

Anne of Green Gables Read Along: Chapters 14-26

Today, we are discussing chapters 14-26.
There are many memorable scenes: Diana is invited over for tea by Anne and Diana drank cups of currant wine which they both thought was raspberry cordial and Diana went home drunk. Then there is the time Anne fell off the ridge pole of a roof for a dare. When Diana's sister got sick, Anne saved her with her experience babysitting for twins. Then there is the introduction of Gilbert Blythe which is really the highlight of chapters 14-26. When I think of Anne, I always think of Gilbert also. I like Gilbert but I adore Matthew. Matthew is my favorite character after Anne. The scene where Matthew tries to buy a dress for Anne is so sweet. He really cares for Anne to have gone through all that trouble since he's quite shy around women and talking to them is one of Matthew's horrors. There's really not much we know of Matthew, at least, I don't remember reading much about him except that he has never married, he's a hard worker, he had always lived in Green Gables and he's not much of a talker but he does speak his mind when he deeds it necessary. I just think he's the most delightful character I ever come across in any book which makes all the sadder what happens to him later on.

"For Anne to take things calmly would have been to change her nature. All "spirit and fire and dew" as she was, the pleasures and pains of life came to her with trebled intensity."
– Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Here are the questions from Kami:

01/ Anne has a gift for loving nature in all its forms, she even gives them delightful names. Do you find yourself appreciating nature more as you read this?
I find myself appreciating nature just reading any of Montgomery's books. The sceneries are always so lushly detailed, you can't help but imagine them and then enjoy them.

02/ We have finally met Gilbert! What do you think of him? Do you think Anne is justified in hating him so much?
Gilbert seems like a decent boy but he seems to like to tease the girls as Diana tells Anne. For Gilbert to call Anne 'carrot' is really tame but I suppose in those days, anything is scandalous but for someone who is as emotional charged as Anne, it is justified that she should hate him. Plus, Anne really hated her hair and it's like calling her ugly so who likes to be call that?

03/ Anne's imagination finally got the better of her in the Haunted Wood. Do you think she learned anything from that experience? Do you think she'll tone down the imagination a bit?
I think not. Anne would go about with a slight carefulness for a while but then she would go back to her wild imaginings. I don't think she can stop being herself and her imagination is part of her.

04/ What do you think of Diana and the other school girls? Do you think Anne chose wisely for her bosom friend?
I think of Diana as a quiet version of Anne with less imagination and perhaps less smarts but I like her. I think she is very good for Anne because she shows Anne how a sensible girl should behave or least, she gives Anne a view of what people expects Anne to be like.

05/ I've always dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island some day. Do you want to visit there also? What other real life literature places do you want to visit?
There's really no other place I would want to visit, at least, no real place I can think of now. But I bsolutely would like to visit Prince Edward Island back then. If I could travel back in time, I would visit Prince Edward Island. There's just something about that time period that just seems nicer, the landscapes seems prettier and people just seems friendlier.

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  1. Replies
    1. I think so too. thanks for reading, have a lovely day.

  2. Prince Edward Island does sound delightful, doesn't it? I'd love to visit there too. :) Great description of Diana. She does seem like a quiet version of Anne.

    1. I would visit Prince Edward Island these days but I don't think it's the same.

      Diana is Anne if she has been raised on Prince Edward Island with Diana's kind of parents.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  3. I love Matthew too. And I like Gilbert in the books, but (scandalous opinion) I'm not fond of him in the tv series. I've never seen any of the other screen versions, partly because the trailers showed such ridiculous incarnations of Gilbert Blythe I knew they'd get everything else wrong too.

    1. if you mean the miniseries with megan follows, I actually like jonathan crombie as gilbert, I thought he seems a bit unlikable at first but then I start to like him. but it's okay not to like him. everyone has their ideas of what gilbert is supposed to be like but I really thought jonathan crombie did a good job. frankly, he really don't have much to do in the role.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  4. Matthew really is the best, isn't he? I absolutely LOVE that scene where he goes to buy Anne a dress and comes home with a garden rake and 20 pounds of brown sugar! That is a ton of brown sugar, even for back then! :D He's the sweetest.

    Yes! You said it so well. Ms. Montgomery really describes her scenery wonderfully and makes it easy to picture in my head.

    I agree, it would be so fun to have the chance to visit Anne's PEI, during her time period. But I'd take a visit today as well! :)

    1. if only Matthew is around more in the book, he is quite a sweet man.

      I would also visit PE Island now just to see if there is still a glimpse of what it was like years ago.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  5. I loved all your answers! I like the idea that maybe calling Anne "carrots" could have been taken a lot differently back then. It's something to think about. I like that Anne and Diana compliment each other so well.

    1. Diana and Anne are a great pairing, they really compliment each other as you said, Diana could have not be friends with Anne but she is and I like that Diana tolerates Anne's dreamy soliloquies even when she doesn't understand them.

      thanks for dropping by, have a lovely day.


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