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March 1, 2018

Top Ten Thursday: Disney Character

This week's Top Ten Thursday, let's imagine you're an actor who plays a Disney character at one of the theme parks, think Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or the little Mermaid. In ten sentences (or paragraphs, by all means) tell us about a day in the life of your role.

Top Ten Thursday: Disney Character - The Beast

Beast's Diary March 1, 2018

7:00 am — Clock in & personnel training
My autograph technique is perfect as usual. And my greeting is always not too loud and not too gentle. Trainer DeeDee almost gave me a smile but she is too good at hiding her emotions. She had played live on stage and at all the famous theme parks. Though DeeDee is rather strict. Manager Dean spoke about behaviors and what we should not do. There were groans but Manager Dean have been saying the same thing for years: always behave as if you are the happiest person or creature in the world and also be careful about saying too much. Talking distracts from the enjoyment of tourists who likes to see the character and not the actor behind it.

8:00 am —  Dress rehearsal & makeup
Seamstress Miranda J found an embarrassing tear near the side of my pants that she fixed without fail. Makeup artist Sandra D was in a sour mood this morning but she made me up as usual with her perfect skills. I've never look more dashing but then again Sandra D knew my secret. I hardly need any makeup expect a few hair spray to keep my fur in place.

8:30 am —  A moment to compose
Manager Dean and all my co-workers knew I used this time to prepare mentally so no one was allowed to disturb me. Manager Dean casually walked in and notified me that a crew from Famous Living Characters (FLC) will be here to film me while I work. Manager Dean had set it up. He thought it was a good chance for the company to have more exposure and since I was the most popular attraction this month, I was chosen. I didn't like it but I had choice.

9:00 am — Working the crowd
The 5-person camera crew from Famous Living Characters arrived on time but I hardly glanced at them. It was time to perform. The temperature was in the lower double digitals but in my wardrobe of heavy coats and boots plus my fur, I was pretty warm. The tourists were all very polite, lining up to take photos with me. A young boy cried but then I gave him a lift on my shoulder and he laughed as he pulled the fur on my face. It hurt like hell but I kept a straight face. I lifted the boy high above my head. The crowd cheered. They loved it when I do silly tricks. I tried not to smile as I seldom do. A beast does not smile too often or no one will be frighten of him. I put the boy back into his mother's arms and prepared for another slaughter of photo taking and autograph signing. A few tourists asked me where is Belle and I always replied the same: Belle is reading in the library.

12:00 pm — Lunch
Lunch was a delicious burger and fries but I have to eat it with a knife and fork to keep my makeup in place and also there was the FLC camera crew around. They kept the camera still on me even as they ate. Manager Dean had told me to forget about the camera and that they will not to interfere with what I'm doing. But I was not liking being filmed. They even followed me to the men's room but I insisted they stayed outside.

1:00 pm —  Staff meeting
As usual Teddy F complained about the long work hours. Molly M complained about the awful tourists and how they are always touching her. DeeDee just sat and smiled through the meeting. I have learned to do the same. It is not wise to speak of your ill thoughts. Manager Dean announced a long list of new rules we must start following. There were some noise among the staff that more rules meant more work. We were given a hardcopy and I memorized the list immediately.

2:00 pm — Back to work
I strolled about as usual on the lot, careful not to appear too eager or too bore. A tourist wearing a funny straw hat challenged me to an arm wrestle. I declined stating I must find Belle. But the man followed me. He smirked and said I must be afraid of him. I took that as a sign to ignore him more. After all, the man's head hardly reached my chest. I signed a few autographs but the man was relentless. He started to make chicken noises. I turned around to tell him to stop and go away but I accidentally jabbed him with my elbow. He dropped to the ground and then whined as if I had torn off his arm. He cradled it like a baby. I apologized to the man but he continued to whine. His wife gave me a how-dare-you look. I apologized again and said 'Let me help you,' and I stretched out an hand. The man shook his head and continued to whine. I tell him I meant no harm but he was crying. There was actual tears rolling down his cheeks. The FLC camera was still on me. The other tourists stared at me with wide eyes. A few flashed me with their camera lights. Even though I towered over these people, I was beginning to feel inferior under their eyes.

Manager Dean appeared as if by magic. He apologized to the man and then ushered the man, his wife and me back to the office. The FLC crew kept their camera on me. I walked with my head down and told them to turn the camera off but they continued to stick it into my face. I growled at them and they immediately shrank back.

The man left with his wife with a promise of compensation. Manager Dean told me the company will pay for the damages but as for me, he fear I might lose my job. He will speak to the President and let me know how it goes.

2:30 pm —  Back to work

I returned to work. The FLC crew continued to keep their camera aim at me. I did all the usual things - sign autographs, post for photos, participate in some sketches with Belle and other characters, make some babies cry by growling but nothing unusual.

7:20 pm —  Dinner
My co-workers already knew about my accident. They quietly talked among themselves. I ate as usual with calmness and with a new care to take control of my emotions. The FLC crew leaves after Manager Dean told them the filming is over.

8:00 pm —  Back to work again
Nothing much happened but I noticed there were fewer tourists coming to seek my autograph and photo.

10:00 pm —  Clock out
Famous Living Characters did not air any of the footage they shot of me. There have been some copyright issues that they could not work out but mostly the company's lawyers threatens to sue if they ever air any of the footage. But the footage where I jabbed the tourist have been leaked online. I was forced to keep out of the public eye and stop working. The tourist man whom I had allegedly injured had been paid very handsomely. I saw him once on the street looking quite happy and healthy. Apparently his broken arm healed in just a week. I was soon fired but I didn't care. I was becoming sick of pretending. Belle told me to keep quiet for a while. People will forget it and me soon enough.

What Disney character would you like to be?

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