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February 23, 2018

the mind of an idle blogger

'the mind of a idle blogger'
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So the percentage is a bit odd but it seems alright to me. It should add up to 100%, if not, then scold my brain because my math skills is really lacking. Of course, this is just for fun because who can divide their mind so perfectly?  

  25% – napping or sleeping or still waking up from sleep
  15% – watching tv shows & movies & reading books
  15% – working or trying to work
  15% – drawing/writing fiction
  10% – thinking up post ideas & other stuff
   5% – writing/editing post drafts
   5% – creating artwork to go with posts
   4% – reading blogs
   2% – distracted by how good other blogs are
   2% – actually posting something
   1% – procrastinating
0.4% – permanently distracted
0.2% – procrastinating some more
0.1% – editing fiction unsucessfully
0.1% – being lazy
0.1% – correcting posts already posted
0.1% – browsing the web & pretending to be busy

Is this how your mind works?
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