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February 26, 2018

Movie Ramblings

Here are some of the movies I have seen so far this year and what I thought of them. Click on the link to find out what each movie's about.

01/ The Funeral Guest > link
This is like one of those off-beat dramas that you sort of get into but isn't quite sure what they are trying to say. I like Emily. She is a bit quirky and yet, likable. I sort of felt like there should have been more about her that we should know - like some of her past about her mother. I really like that she draws and there is two scenes with those little book animations that I really like. The ending is sort of expected. There seems to be a hint of a romance but it is not quite realized. It would be nicer if the movie is a bit longer as most things are open-ended but I enjoyed watching it.

02/ Revolt > link
Lee Pace is pretty much the only reason I decided to watch this movie. The ending is totally unfair with a certain character's fate. It's a good movie but there's just so many unexplained things like what happened to the people who are taken? And who sent the drones? Who's the alien behind the attack? I wish they have answered some of these questions.

03/ Broken Trail > link
It's actually a two-part miniseries but when watch together, it's a movie. I usually avoid watching serious, hard dramas like these because they are just so realistic, violent and brutal. But somehow I was convinced I must watch this and I did. It's such a tough drama that I was glad there are some humor to balance it out. Watching this makes you humble and makes you realize how free you are compare to the girls who are simply slaves with no choice. I didn't cry buckets of tears but I almost did several times. It's just so hard not to feel something when you're watching this.

Favorite quote: "We're all travelers in this world. From the sweet grass to the packing house. Birth till death. We travel between the eternities."

04/ It's a wonderful world > link
James Stewart and Claudette Colbert are a perfect pair and totally hilarious. As far as screwball comedies go, this one is just so wonderful.

05/ Your name. (Kimi No Na Wa) > link
I've seen enough body-swap movies to know what will happen but the revelation at the end is a bit of a surprise but then again I hardly except any twist but it's a good surprise and it certainly makes it less of a body-swap movie and turn it into something more meaningful. But I could do without the constant gag of Taki fondling Mitsuha's breast while he was in her body. So he's a teenage boy with hormones but could they have dialed that down? Was it really necessary to keep repeating it? Okay, so Mitsuha sort of did the same thing but that is shown once but she certainly didn't play with it like Taki. I would rated this a great movie if not for that stupid gag.

06/ Beauty & the Beast  > link
Some thoughts about the movie & be warned Spoilers:

(1) I did have low expectation for this movie but only because it's a remake of the original animated Beauty & the Beast and not a new version.

(2) I had hoped they would not make it a musical but no luck. I could do without the Gaston/LeFou song sequence or even the 'be our guest' sequence which I thought was a bit strange. Okay, I might actually like a few songs and the score isn't bad either. But I would prefer it not be a musical.

(3) In the beginning they told how the prince became a beast but there's no dialogues. I would have like to see how it happened instead of all the narrating. I wish there is more about the Beast's past and not just in a few glimpses. Or perhaps they should have just shift the focus and make it more about the Beast instead of Belle which would have put a new spin on the movie.

(4) The Beast's library is not impressive. How can one be impressed with a library when all you see are shadows? It's not like they can't light some candles in that room. But perhaps they spent all the budget on the special effect on the Beast?

(5) The Beast does not look bad but I kind of hope they would do it in a more realistic way with prosthetics, a little makeup and a little CGI thrown in. I didn't care for the horns being so large. He sort of looks like a goat. I prefer the more wolf-like appearance of the animated version.

(6) A magic book that allows you to travel anywhere - I totally love the idea but they could have just make the magic mirror do the same thing. Having a magic book just seems redundant, not when you have a magic mirror. Plus, they only used the book once. Couldn't Belle have used the book to get back to her father?

(7) Isn't the Beast's name Adam? Why is his name never used? Is it because he has decided to accept being a beast and ignore his human side? I always find it odd that his name is never mentioned. Having a name means you're a being who's alive as oppose to a title.

(8) I think there's a lack of connection between the Beast and Belle. I didn't see any chemistry between them. None. Which leads me to the next thought.

(9) I can't dismiss that's Emma Watson playing Hermione Granger playing Belle - that is a hard thing to forget. I really wished they had cast an unknown and I sort of think Watson doesn't have the range to play Belle. In the scene when the Beast is dying, she just seems...well, kind of bland. But overall, she wasn't bad in the role though when she stands next to the beast in his human form (Dan Stevens without the special effects), I just find the pairing odd but when she's with the Beast, it seems alright.

(10) Beauty & the Beast is a good movie and worth watching but I really kind of wish they have done something new instead of just remaking another movie.

Seen any good movies lately?

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