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February 8, 2018

Complete these thoughts

Complete these thoughts
This week's Top Ten Thursday is to share ten ways our train of thoughts works. You know, you had one thought that turned into three, then seven,... Um, yeah, I have no idea so I'm just going to list sentences and you complete it somehow. Just copy & paste and fill in your thoughts.

01/ I hate to admit it but sometimes ___________.

02/ I ___________ in my sleep.

03/ Nope that's not true, I never ___________ in my life.

04/ I ___________ and I'm afraid to admit it.

05/ I need at least ___________ days of vacation to get over any trauma.

06/  ___________ always makes me want to smile.

07/ Is there a reason why I am not ___________ right now?

08/ I wish I have a million ___________ to send to everyone.

09/ My favorite word is ___________.

10/ I'm not certain about anything right now except that I really like ___________.

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