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January 7, 2018

Seven things: blog anniversary & other unnecessary ramblings

'snow at the park, 2015'
01/ I complain about the snow and cold every year and every year, it's no big deal. I wasn't outside during the snow storm, so it's all good plus in Sydney, it's really, really hot over there right now. I guess I'm lucky.

02/ Winter is a good time to catch up on movies so here are some movies I saw:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens > link
This movie is just like 'Star Wars: A New Hope'. For instance, Rey is both Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia and Finn is Han Solo, BB-8 is the R2D2, the droid carrying the message/half map and Kylo Ren aka Ben is Darth Vader - it's exactly the same movie except with new actors and a slightly different story. I like Finn - he doesn't try to be cool or indifferent, he's just himself. BB-8 is cute but he really doesn't do anything. I like that they all have such easy names: Rey, Finn, Poe, Han, Leia, Luke, Ben... This is actually a better sequel than all the prequels in my opinion, although I really don't like the death of a certain character.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story > link
Once again orphans, it's like all the Star Wars people have no parents or at least, they usually die. I find Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor a bit boring. Sorry but their characters just don't do anything amazing or likable. My favorite characters are Chirrut, the blind Jedi or supposedly Jedi (if only they have centered the story on him and his buddy Baze) and K-2SO. K-2SO is such a fun character and he says all the good, funny lines. It's not a bad movie but I thought it was a bit boring if not for some of the humor.

Shock Wave > link
Fast-paced, lots of explosions but then they paused to talk about stocks (that I don't completely understand) and it just seemed to stop the momentum for a moment but not much. It's too bad about the end. I really started to like that character. But overall, Shock wave is a pretty good action movie.

Gravity > link
I really didn't need to see the guy without his face - totally unnecessary gore but otherwise good movie. What I like to I know is why the space equipments looks like they're made of paper because they break so easily.

Moana > link
I don't like musicals much but I like Disney movies so I decided to watch Moana. I didn't really care for all the singing but when Dwayne Johnson sang, it didn't seem so bad. I think his Maui character is a lot of fun. And I like that Moana is tough and relentless and her singing isn't annoying. And I wonder why Moana have a pet chicken and pet piggy - they're cute, well, the chicken seems kind of weird and not in a fun way. Moana is a fun movie and if you really, really enjoy watching people sing every now and then instead of saying their dialogues, then you'll love this movie.

03/ I didn't make resolutions this year but then I don't usually make them but I have some thoughts about them: screw resolutions and do things. Yep. I will try to finish my writings and drawings and be as lazy as I want because no matter how many resolutions I make, I'll break them anyway so why bother?

04/ I'm procrastinating more than usual as I haven't created any new art so far but at least I wrote a couple of fictions here, here and here.

05/ I have a new hello/introduction page with new little fact/info about me. This is probably my 50ish introduction since I write a lot of them but I think very few people read them but I write them anyway. You can read it here.

06/ January is my birthday month which I try to not ignore because people shouldn't ignore their birthday but I sometimes do. And that's pretty much all I can say about birthdays.

07/ I have decided that January 7th (because I love the number 7) is this blog's anniversary though the first post date is January 1st.  If you want to know the history of this blog, well, it's not quite fun or interesting but this blog started in July 2017 when I moved my previous blog's posts (the last rain girl) to this new place. And then I (foolishly) removed all 2015 and 2016 posts. But I'm going to ignore all that because what is the point of anniversaries except to mark a date and to sort of celebrate my little accomplishment because it isn't easy to keep a blog or even to stay at a blog. Happy 1st blog anniversary to rainswept!

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