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January 3, 2018

20 Days of Chill: Toilet paper on your shoe - fiction

20 Days of Chill
Today's prompt is 'Toilet paper on your shoe.'  Another piece of fiction.

"You have toilet paper on your shoe," he says with a smile that Jenn is certain it meant he finds it amusing.

Jenn lifts her left leg up from behind and gingerly pulls the paper off her heel. She throws the paper aside and dusts her hands on her coat which she is certain she should not do, not when a good looking man is present. The man's gray wool shoes appears to be brand new.

She looks up to say 'Thanks' but the man is already gone. She looks around the subway platform but she could not see where he went. She spots a homeless man asleep and beside him is an enormous collection of dirty layers of who knows what at the end of the platform under the staircase. An old woman with her black hair severely pulled back in a bun and wearing a black fur coat, sat on the wooden bench reading a wornout bible under the dull light. A middle-age man concealed in a navy blue coat twice his size with his ears covered up by large, black headphones, is flipping through his very small phone.

And then there is Jenn – a thirty-something secretary on her way home from work. To say her boss is satan in Armani is not an understatement. Just a few hours ago, she had to finished a visual presentation for tomorrow's 9 am meeting which he could have told her to do a week ago but instead he told her just before 5 pm as if she have nothing better to do. She spent the whole night finishing the presentation only to get a call from her boss saying the meeting had been rescheduled for next week. Jenn almost quitted but decided it was not quite time. Not until she pays off her house.

Jenn checks her wrist watch – 2 am. She wonders why she is not in bed sleeping. She suppresses a yawn and then leans forward a little in time to see a train coming. The sound of the horn echoes in the air. The bright light of the headlights blinds her. She turns away.

Then she feels a strong push against her back. She leaps forward before she can stop herself. Then she is facing the train's headlights straight on. The lights become brighter and brighter. She closes her eyes and starts to scream.

When she opens her eyes, she is seated inside a moving train. It rocks back and forth. Jenn shakes her head. It was a dream. She hears a chuckle and turns to her right. There is a man sitting behind his newspaper on the opposite side just a bench away. Jenn could only see his gray wool shoes and gray pants.

The train stops and the man gets up. He turns to Jenn and says, "You have toilet paper on your shoe." He grins with a slight twitch of his right eye as if he meant to wink at her. Jenn looks down at her shoes and there it is – toilet paper on her left heel. When she looks up again, the doors have closed and the man is gone. Jenn yawns. It has to be a dream. She closes her eyes for a short nap.

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