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January 16, 2018

20 Days of Chill: What I learned in school

20 Days of Chill

Maddie Mox's* top ten things learned in school:

1) Don't roll your eyes when the teacher asks you to look at her or him when they are talking to you.

2) Don't touch the green stuff in the cafeteria or better yet, don't touch anything.

3) Don't respond to dumb nicknames/name calling by looking up.

4) Don't ask the teacher any questions because they won't know the answer.

5) Don't ask the other kids for answers during a test because they don't know the answer either.

6) Don't go to gym class. Seriously, just don't go.

7) Don't copy another student's homework because you might just be copying from a dumb kid.

8) Don't correct the teacher even if they are wrong.

9) Don't read in class even if that is the only education you'll ever get.

10) Don't punch someone just because they told you to do it.

What things have you learned in school?

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Note: *Name have been changed to protect the innocent and perhaps the guilty.
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