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January 26, 2018

20 Days of Chill: Finale

20 Days of Chill
This piece below is something that I wrote a while back, sort of like a message to my readers. I thought I share it here today as it is appropriate for the last 20 Days of Chill prompt: 'Finale.' I also edited this a bit to be shorter. Enjoy.

A message before you leave
exit door
This is where you exit
This is the exit as it is clearly marked in red capital letters. Please watch your steps as you walk. The exit door have mechanics that self-close after you step through it. As much as you may like to stop and study the beautiful engravings on the door, do not linger in the doorframe. If the door closes while you are standing in between the frame, you may disappear with it as these exit doors can also self-disappear without any notice. If it happens and you and the door disappears together, do not worry. You and the door will appear again in a few moments but in those few moments, you will have a strange ride, much like a roller coaster except you will see strange things and you may experience a sudden craving for chocolate. But do not panic as you will not be harm. You may get a little dizzy afterward but that is expected. Please, also, do not, I repeat, do not run as the ground may be slippery. The janitorial staff may have left the floor wet after cleaning and forgot to put out the 'Caution: Wet Floor' sign. So, please be careful where you step and do not run.
blue door
If you exit the wrong door, do not panic, just find the blue door
Please do pay attention and read all the signs as you may exit through the wrong door. It might not be your doing as these exit doors sometimes change destination without notice but mostly, they do not. If you happen to walk through the wrong exit door and you see a water-breathing dragon or a five-stories three-headed teddy bear in front of you, do not panic. Turn around immediately and head back out the same door you came from. But if that door is no longer around as exit doors are prone to disappear without notice, find the blue door with a gold lion knocker. You my re-enter through this blue door which will most likely be located to your right. You may hear screams and you may even hear your name being called, but do not stop. Warning: if you linger about, your soul will be taken from you and you will cease to exist. But that's nothing to worry about as long as you do not let yourself linger. Just concentrate on finding the blue door with the gold lion knocker as other blue doors may lead you to another dimension or even another time period. Try not to move too quickly. 
red door
If you have successfully gone through the blue door, find the red door
Once you've entered the blue door, you may see strange creatures hanging around in the darkness. These creatures are werewolves and once they bite you, you will turn into a werewolf yourself but do not fear them. They will only strike if you provoke them. Locate the red door which is most likely the door that is surrounded by baby wolves but do not worry, these baby wolves have not the urge to bite yet. When you reach the red door and cannot find a knob, do not panic. There is no need for one. Just walk straight through it and you will be on the other side. And don't worry about the werewolves following you as only humans can enter through the red door.

Beware of beautiful books
Once through the red door, you might feel the need to stray as there are many, many, many piles of books stacked high to the ceiling where you can see no end in sight. As enticing the books appear, do not dare to open any of them. If you do happen to pick one up and open it, you will be sucked into the book and into another dimension where your only chance for escape is to choose between getting eaten by some giant creature or turn into stone. Most people prefer getting eaten rather than turned into stone as turning into stone meant you live but you do not move. So please, restrain yourself from touching the books.
expell door
If you have successfully kept yourself from opening a book, look for the Expell door
Search for a door marked 'Expell.' You will most likely find these doors hanging by a tree limb and sometimes you may have to look up as trees are often quite fond of these doors and they may move them from time to time but most likely, you will find a door at ground level. Enter the 'Expell' door and you will be back where you started. Then try the exit door again.
exit door
This is where you exit, again
So now that you've exited the right door, don't look back. If you do, you will see nothing as the exit door will most likely have disappeared. Now that you are outside, you may have noticed it is night when it was day when you first went through the exit door. This is because time has moved on while you were moving through the doors. Look around you. Make sure you are in your world. As mentioned before, the exit door's destination may change without notice. So look carefully and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Once you are certain, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you are now outside and back in the real world.

Where's your next destination?
So, where are you heading next? To a cafe for a hot cup of coffee? To a book store where you will read about amazing adventures? To the park where you will sit and ponder about life?  Or are you simply heading home for a quiet long rest? Any of these will do nicely for you. You may even forget the trip you have just took. Maybe you have left your thoughts lingered in between the halls. Maybe you have left your fingerprints somewhere on the walls. Maybe you have left a sweater or a scarf on one of the chairs. Maybe by now, you are ready to get as far from here as possible and that nothing will make you return for another visit. In all honesty, as much as I value your visit, I do not really care how long you stay. A second, a minute, an hour, or even a day – I say, take as much or as little time as you like. You might even leave without a single glance. Or perhaps you were just passing through on your way to another place. It's not important.

But if you really did stay longer than a minute, I thank you and I wish you well. If there's one thing you need to know is that – everything is fleeting, including your visit. The few minutes that you have linger here will be lost to time and also, I may have accidentally clicked on the delete button and erased the little bit of your presence that was here but don't worry about that. And if it pleases you to know, I am grateful for your visit even if it's just for a few moments because in those few moments, you have made my day shine just little. So, please, don't worry about anything. Come back if and when you wish. Have a good life. And please, be careful where you step and watch out for the doors.

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