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January 10, 2018

20 Days of Chill: Candy bars - fiction

20 Days of Chill
Today's prompt is 'Candy bars.' Another fiction piece but you probably already knew that.

Della steps inside her closet, closes the door and pulls the long string. A dim light showers her. She takes out a white box behind a thinner box and pulls the lid off. Inside there are ten bars of Snickers, two bags of m&m's, four bags of strawberry flavored twizzlers, two cartons of carmel-covered cookies, two cans of jellybeans and one box of very bitter lemon drops. She picks up a Snickers bar, unwraps it and takes a very large bite. Someone calls her name but she pulls the string and continues to eat in the dark. She hates being eight. She hates her older brother for making fun of her. She hates being here. She wishes she is somewhere far away.

Della stands up after she have enough. She pushes the closet door open and there she almost dropped the box she is carrying. She steps through the threshold and stops. Then she walks a little farther away and peers down. Below is a deep dive into darkness.  She looks up. Around her are floating mountains each with a house on top. She laughs and then she panics. How did she get here? But the thought soon slips away when she looks behind her where her closet used to there is a grand house all white with large rectangle windows that reflected the blue sky. Della is certain her house never look this good.

"Greetings, my fellow traveler." The lady sits in a pod. She waves at Della. She stops her pod nearby where Della stands trying not to gawk at the lady. Flying pods? What world is this?

The lady hops off the pod and walks the few steps toward Della. She stops in front of Della and pulls off her helmet. Then she shakes her head of blond-white hair. Della immediately like how tall she is. "Greetings, my fellow traveler," she says again.

Della looks up at the lady. "Greetings," she says.

"My name is Wanda Banana, I know, I know, stupid name but my friend Shorty Beans have it even worse. I mean, he is short but Shorty Beans? That's like an insult but nevermind. Welcome." Wanda looks down at Della and holds out a hand.

The lady has the face of her neighbor Mrs. Blane but Wanda's skin is slightly olive brown. Della wonders how old Wanda is but she appeared both young and old. Her skin is quite smooth and only when Della looks closely did she see subtle wrinkles. Della shakes Wanda's hand. "What...where am I?"

"You are, Della Landsailor, in a galaxy far, far away." Wanda smiles and shakes her head a bit as she pats her blond-white hair down.

"How did you know my name?" Della blinks at the lady. "What?"

"You know, a galaxy far, far away." Wanda laughs. "Haven't you seen...oh nevermind. We have been expecting you. Well, I have been expecting you but don't worry, you have arrived right on time."

"But where am I?" Della is beginning to wonder if she will get any answers.

"You are on earth but a different earth. A really different earth. How can I explain this without sounding like an idiot?" Wanda crosses her arms over her chest, with two fingers holding onto her helmet. "Della, you aren't that far away from home. You are on another plane of existence - one that is parallel to your own but it exists in its own pocket of space. Okay, that does sound a bit idiotic. The main point is, this is another world. And this..." she spreads her hand around, " Float Mountain, not very original I know but the man who founded this place is named John Dumdum. He is very kind but he does sometimes drive people bonkers and I just wish everyone would stop voting for him. I mean, the guy has zero brain ce...." Wanda pauses and takes a breath. "Nevermind. You're here and that is what's important."

"But what about my home? How do I get back?" Della likes being at Float Mountain but she still wants to go home some time.

"I have no idea how you even got here. Everyone who exits this house," Wanda points behind Della at the white house. "...ends up here. But you can't go home through that way because it is only an exit. The only way out that I know of is death but I'm pretty sure you don't want to try that so..." She takes in a breath and lets it out. "But don't worry, there are people here who came from your world and had stayed. You may ask them how to get home. But as long as you're here, why don't you explore, enjoy the view." Wanda turns about at the floating world. "It's not like you want to go home that badly." Wanda gives Della a small smile.

Della almost laughs. She is certainly too young to travel alone but not all eight-year-olds get to see worlds like this. "Okay, I'll stay but I still want to go home later. Do they have candy around here?"

"Oh, my dear, we have everything you'll ever need. I will take you on my pod to meet our leader first and we will discuss your situation. He have to see you first before I can take you anywhere. If I don't, I'll be fired and forced to live on land where I'll have a dumb husband who will make me do chores and..ugh...have babies. Not a good thought. Come along." Wanda puts on her helmet and walks back to her pod. Della follows her. What else is she going to do? Miss out on an adventure for no reason?

Wanda lifts Della into the seat behind the first one. "Here, put this helmet on." Wanda pushes a panel in the pod wall where the panel flips back and pulls out a helmet. She pushes the panel back in place. She lowers the helmet over Della's head and buckles the strap. Then she pulls the criss-crossed seat belt over Della. "Don't wanna be falling out of the pod. Gravity is very bad for you." Della laughs. Wanda grins and lightly taps on the top of Della's helmet when she is done. "There, you are now ready to travel."  Wanda drops herself into the seat in front of Della and puts on her seatbelt. The pod starts and soon they are flying toward a mountain that is twice as large as all the others and sitting atop is the grandest of all houses and even more impressive than that, it is a castle made up of trees and wood. Della grins and knows she will enjoy being here.

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