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January 24, 2018

Seven things: birthdays & other ramblings

01/ Today, the 24th is my birthday – I won't say how old I am today but I am certainly old enough to vote, drive, drink, get arrested, get bailed, return home and still it would not be midnight because I never stay up late. I kind of just eat some chocolate and be lazy all around and call it a day.

02/ Famous people I don't mind sharing birthdays with: author Edith Wharton; actor, comedian John Belushi; ballet dancer Maria Tallchief.

03/ Movies seen so far in 2018:

(a) Out of the inferno > link
This is a good disaster movie but a few things: (1) I really don't like the girl who, instead of running to escape, she stops to take videos to send to her mother, maybe it's important to let her mother know she's alive but she's wasting time; (2) the issue of firemen and who to save first – they are trained to save people, they can't play favorites; (3) during the crane scene, why don't they have the air mattress set up at the ground so that if people fall, they would at least get a chance to be saved but I suppose it's more dramatic to see people fall though they don't show where they land.

(b) The Foreigner > link
Why doesn't Liam just give Quan the names? He knows how to find them.  Jackie Chan is so perfect as Quan the grieving father. A great touching movie if you don't mind all the violence and explosions.

(c) Geostorm > link
Daniel Wu is totally wasted as the nerdy Asian guy even if he is a bit cliche with the black-rim eyeglasses and checkered shirt but he really didn't deserved that ending. Gerard Butler is really the only other one worth watching aside from Wu. Geostorm is an okay disaster movie but even though there are enough relationship dramas, it just seems it lacks that extra something.

04/ Whenever I found a blog that I like reading, they almost immediately soon afterward, stops blogging. It's true. I seem to always find a blog too late. Recently, I cleaned out my bookmarks reading list and there are blogs there that I found far too late.

05/ Writing buddy – I think I should get a writing buddy, I'm not sure if it's a good idea but I think if I have someone is also writing fiction and is willing to do things together such as write a certain amount of words or give each other writing challenges or simply to give motivation to continue writing. Even though I think my writing has improved a bit, I know I have a long way to go to before any of my long writings are presentable to the public, maybe I just need someone to be doing the same thing as I am – writing and procrastinating about writing.

06/ Blog tour anyone? – I have this idea of a blog tour where people guest on other people's blogs and promote their blogs however they want – sort of like a book tour except with blogs. I would call it 'Blog tour for no reason' tour. But blogs are not as popular as they used to be and since most people rather prefer to share using other social medias, I don't really think how such tour would benefit bloggers at all. Anyone interest in doing a blog tour?

07/ What's on my (fake) twitter feed this week:
- waiting for miracles & practicing sitting very still
- stalking blogs while drunk on hot chocolate
- writing fiction while trying not to crush & burn
- watching disaster movies & hoping they won't happen to me

That's my rambling for today. Now I can get back to writing that novel. Or work. Or just be lazy and spend the rest of the day napping and watching cheesy disaster movies.

What's on your mind today?
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