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December 23, 2017

The hopeful pessimist

'the hopeful pessimist'
Just some lazy thoughts and the title 'The hopeful pessimist' is a phrase that I like and wanted to use and I suppose it sort of represents me a bit. Here are some thoughts for today:

01/ I don't always post regularly or be at the same blog regularly either. But blogging is the only platform that allows me to be as slow as I want to be or as fast as I might want to be. I suppose this is why I can't give it up and also because I'm not on any social media, it means blogging is all that I have to be out there in the world without actually being out there. But sometimes I really want to be on social media like twitter or Instagram and then I remind myself I have no reason to because a) I'm slow to update and b) I'm slow to update. I just think that one platform (blogging) is enough for me. Do I wonder if maybe I'm missing out by not being on social media? Probaby but who's to say social media is a better platform than blogging? Okay, probably a lot of people but I don't care. Being on social media means less to me than being on a blog.

02/ I'm thinking of re-opening my Society6 shop again with a new name but I'm not sure. Do people want my art on their walls or on their clothes or on their bedspread? I guess I do want my art to be out there but I don't know. You can't have a shop and not promote it because how else you're going to get any sales? If you're an artist who have a Society6 shop, you know they have promotion events every other week and promoting something, anything, takes work and time and a good memory because you do have to remember what day to do this and that and I guess my lazy self just refuse to do all that. I don't know, I guess I'll have to think some more on this.

03/ Movies & Shows I've watched in November & December:

I am dragon
I Am Dragon – Russian > link
It is sort of like 'beauty & the beast' with dragons, well, one dragon really. It's really quite a beautiful film. But the first half is mostly in darkness which seems a bit much. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. There's not much showing of how she came to love the dragon and his human half. I guess I wanted more explanations, more moments of their connective-ness, more showing of who they were and who they became. It's a really good movie but a little lacking.

the lion woman
The Lion Woman – Norwegian > link
This would have been an extraordinary movie but it's just plain and ordinary. There's never really any exploration of her condition or how she suddenly became this smart mathematician. I'm guessing there were scenes that were cut that might have added more to the movie. The bullying and the abuse is expected but the ending didn't really address how she got accepted. <SPOILER? I don't know > Sure, she became a respected professor all on her own and her colleagues seemed to accept her but did they truly accepted her? I know her nanny and her father (reluctantly) loved and accepted her and perhaps that one guy who was forced to leave. But outside of these people, she really have no one. I suppose I would have prefer that she found a friend that would quell her loneliness but perhaps she really just wanted her father's love all along and that was enough. <END SPOILER> It's a decent movie but I would not want to see it again as I hate watching people getting abused and bullied just for being different.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim > link
You wouldn't think a movie about giant robots fighting giant aliens would be a movie I would enjoy but I did. I like the human characters and there is a bit of humor there and the actors seems to be into their roles. But I sort of wish Mako, she being the only second of two females in the movie, would have more dialogues. I find her silence a bit strange sometimes. I just wish she would talk more even if she speaks all in Japanese. But at least she's not too much of a damsel. <SPOILER>Though at the end, she was saved by her partner which I wish she would save him instead. I really think they should have make her the lead and she's the one that saves the day instead of always having the man saves the woman. It would have make this movie a little less male-oriented.<END SPOILER> Not really a spoiler as the ending is expected. Overall, a decent action flick.

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers – Korean tv show > link
The plot is just like the book or at least like the movies of the same title. I like the comradely between the four men and it's fun watching them banter and such which is really the best part of the show. The romance between the prince and princess is bit slow and frustrating as the prince seems indifferent toward his wife in the beginning and then there's a sudden change, well, perhaps it's not so sudden since they have been married for some years but it seems that way to me. Though I find their scenes together to be quite humorous and entertaining. I didn't care for the woman who wanted revenge on the prince and who is supposed to have died several times but never does for one reason or another but it's probably so she can bring more trouble in the sequel. (There were planed sequels that didn't happen.) I really like the part where the hero gets lost trying to get to a new city. Overall, a pretty good show and with only ten episodes, you can enjoy the show without committing too much time to it.

Doctor Romantic
Doctor Romantic aka Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim  – Korean tv show > link
The name Doctor Romantic is a phrase that means arrogant or someone who is very confident which I like better. Doctor Romantic is referred to the doctor named Teacher Kim – I adore his character. He says and does what he wants and he's not afraid to offend people and doesn't take crap from anyone. Sometimes he may be a bit harsh with his words but he's never wrong. If I have a teacher like him, I would have been a better person, at least, a bit braver. One thing that bothers me is, they never really address one of the doctor's suicide attempt, I mean, one moment she is bleeding away and then she is fine, they don't even try to explain more thoroughly of why she tries to kill herself, they just gloss over it. Or maybe I missed something? But aside from that, it's a pretty good show though I really don't like much of the other characters except Teacher Kim, he's quite fun to watch. As for all the medical situations/scenes, I try not to watch them too closely and frankly I sometimes move my eyes off the screen during those scenes. Overall, a really good medical drama.

Tunnel – Korean tv show > link
A cop time travels thirty years into the future through a tunnel. He tries to capture a killer with the help of two very obstinate sidekicks – both of whom he is related to somehow and also one of his cop friends from the past who had grew up to be a chief. Tunnel is a great show and it is both entertaining and well written. I like the friction between all the characters and there's a bit of humor there. It's definitely one of the best crime dramas I have seen.

04/ Things that I'll miss in 2017 or things that are no longer being produced for some stupid reasons:

a) flower desk calendar from Workman Publishing – I get this every year but there's no 2018 version, so I'll just assume they have decided to stop printing them & I have stopped hoping for their return.

b) the sketch books from Barnes & Nobles – they're no longer being sold which is a pity as I really love them. I know they carry other sketch books of similar type but I just didn't like them as much.

05/ Lately I kind of want to turn this blog into a book blog. I've been reading a lot and I like talking about books I've read. But it's just a thought.

06/ Recently (okay it was months ago but this thought has been percolating around my head for some time now), I read this self-published book with lots of grammar errors that made me keeping thinking 'the editor needs an editor.' I'm thinking maybe the author have complete trust in the editor. (The editor, as noted in the acknowledgement, is a friend of the author.) I'm not an expert on grammar or editing so perhaps the mistakes aren't mistakes? But the point is, I have to admit, I admire the author for putting her book out there, errors and all. I want to be able to do that – put my writing out there and not be afraid but still, I don't know. I'm not good at editing my own work and asking people to edit/read my work is kind of strange. It's hard to decide if you trust that person's opinion or whether their advice is good or not. I don't know. I did posted a couple of fiction on this blog even if they did need editing. So, maybe it's not so much about fear of editors as much as being afraid that my writing isn't as good as I thought. And so let's just forget all that you just read, okay?

07/ I pretty much spend the whole of 2017 being very lazy. I didn't mean to. I had planned on finishing up my writings and artworks but the motivation just disappeared without so much as a glance at what I was supposed to finish. The more I try to finish something, the less I want to do it. I don't even know why that is. I really would like to finshing those novels and short stories and those unfinished art pieces that sits around but each time I try, something distracts me or perhaps I distract myself. Still I did get some artwork done though those aren't the unfinished pieces. They were new creations that I'm sure I wouldn't even have finished except that I did. So perhaps I just need to start and not think too much?

What's on your mind these days?
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