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December 10, 2017

still my favorite places to visit

is there a cat napping in the shadows there?
When I saw this post from Ness Kingsley in which she listed some of her favorite blogs that she have followed for years, it made me think about all the bloggers and blogs I have known. Sadly, many of my favorite bloggers have stopped blogging and probably will never return to blogging. They're mostly somewhere or offline.

I debated whether to post this list as it seems like I'm favoring particular bloggers but isn't having a blog means sharing and promoting not only yourself but others? The blogs on this list (in no particular order) are from bloggers that I have known almost since the day I started blogging which seems like a million years ago but who's counting?

01/ knitting the wind  > link 
Knitting the wind has been one of my favorite blog names for a long while. Sarah had switched blog address from time to time but she has returned to this address, I think recently (I haven't exactly been checking dates). Visiting Sarah's blog is like a dream. One of those good dreams full of splendid imaginary and calmness and stories from a far away place. She blogs from New Zealand which is very far from where I am but isn't it wonderful we can meet people so far from us?

02/ Christine's Blog > link
I don't have the motivation as Christine to post every day but I'm glad she does. She is certainly the most consistent blogger that I know. I always find something to be amused by with what she writes. In between posts about every day life, Christine also posts her lovely artworks.

03/ Michael MacVean Illustration > link
I find Michael's artwork very inspiring. I like his loose, easy strokes, almost the opposite of my own style as I tend to perfect my lines. I suppose that's why I find Michael's drawing style particularly likeable. This blog, 'Michael MacVean Illustration,' is not the blog I originally followed but it has been around a lot longer than most of my blogs. I still sort of prefer his previous blog name – dotty hill.

04/ Beauty Flows > link
Tammie Lee's artwork is one great reason I still follow her blog all these years. Her color choices are always perfect. I feel like a slacker when compare to how much artwork Tammie creates. She also runs a photography blog fill with wonderful nature photos over here.

05/ Carrie Loves > link
I have learned a lot about blog design and htmls and all kinds of tricks & tips from Carrie. Her blog haven't always been just about blogs and design, there are other fun things in between. And I like her spunk. And her design style - clean, organized, aesthetically pleasing. So Carrie haven't posted in a long while but there are still a lot of useful posts on her blog if you need some tips.

06/ Land of Candy Canes > link
I always have fun reading Katrin's posts. 'Never a dull thought' might be the way to describe them. I sort of think she shares the same kind of sense of humor so I suppose that's why I like reading her blog. Sadly, she have not updated her blog in a long while. Perhaps she will return to blogging someday.

07/ Carver's Cards > link
I don't even remember when I started following Carver's blog, it might have been from when I started blogging but I don't remember. I like her sky & nature photography and also, she lives in such a nice place that looks like the country side which really is North Carolina. I always have a nice visit reading her blog.

08/ Selma in the city > link
Selma is a wonderful writer. I dearly love reading her essays about life. But sadly Selma has stopped blogging. She is mostly at twitter which I don't follow but I'm grateful to have discovered her blog though I really wish she hadn't stopped blogging.

09/ Alexandra MacVean Illustration > link
I got to know Alexandra through her previous blog 'Remember Paris' (or something similar as I don't recall the exact name) but I do vaguely remember being a bit sad when she closed her blog but thankfully, she started again. Alexandra's current blog with her namesake is similar but I think, more cheerful posts with adorable artworks.

10/ New kid on the cape > link
You might say Frances is my very first blog buddy. We even collaborated on a photography blog called 'the daytrippers' which is still around though no updates. Frances had been blogging a lot longer than me and I think she might even have more blogs under her belt than me. I have been following her since 'blogjem' to 'just expressing myself' and many others, and even sometimes design a header or two for her. She has so much energy and I think a lot of stories to tell. Technically, 'New kid on the cape' is a new blog but as long as she is blogging, new blogs are always welcome.

11/ La Vie Graphite > link
Abraham posts lots of profound writings, travel notes & photography and if you're especially into reading intellectual essays, then you should go visit his blog. I must admit I don't always have the patience to read the long posts or completely understood what is written, but there is something about Abraham's words that just reminds me of good days, long-forgotten thoughts & there's a little bit of dream-like feel to them too. Most of his posts are rather long but worth reading if you have the time.

There would have been a lot of more blogs on this list but most of them don't exist anymore and sadly, I don't have a list of names to search for them. If you're interested in more blogs, visit my blogroll here — all my favorite blogs are there. What blogs have you been reading/following since you've started blogging?
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