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December 14, 2017

Best & Favorites of 2017

I thought I make a list of posts that readers may not have the chance to read or missed somehow. You're probably wondering why I'm posting this list now when the year is not even over. Let's just say I rather post this now then later when I won't even remember what I posted. Of course, this list is completely bias as I am talking about what I've created/written. So I guess this is what you would call 'self promoting'?

The Best of 2017

01/ Maroon
— art >> Link

02/ Korean dramas & honest taglines — I watch a lot of Korean (& Chinese) dramas & these are some of my favorites with my very-silly-but-honest taglines >> Link

03/ Seven silly & strange questions 
—  just some questions you may or may not want to answer >> Link

04/ The beast's library
— art  >> Link

05/ Mystery Blogger Award
— q&a of sorts >> Link

06/ Some blogging confessions
— just some honest talks and perhaps a little too much oversharing  >> Link

07/ Top ten items on my bucket list
— haven't done a single of these things yet >> Link

My Favorites of 2017:

01/ How to be good
— a somewhat sarcastic, almost real, almost practical, randomly chosen, honestly presented & foolishly believed list >> Link

02/ Fireworks, stars and dragons
— fiction >> Link

03/ Miss Dot-Dot
— art >> Link

04/ Hello, is this me?
— a little reflection on self image >> Link

05/ Favorite 'Beauty & The Beast' Retellings
— for now anyway >> Link

06/ Bear Meets Lion
— fiction >> Link

07/  What 'personal blog' means to me
— a little too much thinking >> Link

What's your favorite/best posts from your blog?
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