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November 3, 2017

News from nowhere & other thoughts

'the joy fairy' - unfinished
01/ There are no news but I wish I have some to post because I'm sort of mad at myself for being so lazy but I can't help it. I'm creatively lacking. I can't seem to finish anything or even start on anything new. It only bothers me slightly when I think about how much time I've wasted but the whole of October has passed and there's nothing I can do about that.

02/ My last post is just two weeks ago but it feels like a long while. I guess on the web, everything moves so quickly that a day feel like a week. But I don't feel bad for not posting. Well, maybe a little bit. But I have been blogging for a long while now so I suppose now is my 'post-whenever-I-feel-like-it' phase. For me, consistent posting is not something I can do but I do try to post enough to let people know I still blog.

03/ I'm thinking of posting just once or twice a month because things move so quickly that just posting once in a while is enough. But it's just an idea though I seem to have adopted it as I only posted twice in October. I guess the lazy part of me would like to do this but the other active part of me probably will rebel against it.

04/ Some post ideas that I thought up but didn't use:
a) list of chores my (fake) husband can do so I don't have to
b) tag lines for my non-existing blogs
c) list of things I should do but won't
d) how watching dramas could lead to a better existence

05/ I watched a lot of tv dramas instead of reading. Here are the dramas I finished watching in October:

a) Secret Forest aka Stranger
It had a good beginning and the pacing is quite fast but I find it's a bit boring as the characters don't seem to have much to do with each other in terms of relationships. It's more about corruption/bribery/politics/murder and there's hardly any humor in it and having the lead character having almost no emotions really makes the show a bit stale. The actors are great but their characters are just so-so. It would have been better if there were more conflicts or more personal stories but it's not a bad show though it's a very serious show.

b) Queen of Mystery aka Mystery Queen
I just wonder why the housewife aka the queen of mystery is so afraid to offend her family or why she wears the most frumpy/awful clothes and for someone so smart, she certainly have trouble confronting her family. Also, why is the detective such a jerk? Just because he has a tragic past, that doesn't make it justifiable. The housewife also have a tragic past which leads me to wonder if there are characters that have normal, happy childhoods in dramaland. The crimes are kind of forgettable and yet, it's strangely an enjoyable show to watch. I wouldn't have finished this drama if not for the characters.

c) Voice
A bit of a violent show but then I did expected that, but it was still too violent. People keeps dying and there seems to be no end. Some of the cases were actually quite good like the bus story at the end but the overall story about the woman and man finding out the truth about her father's/his wife's deaths is a bit stretched out. Why does it takes so long to reveal the truth? The show's a bit creepy sometimes but if you don't mind the violence, you'll probably enjoy the show.

d) Suspicious Housekeeper
I'm mostly bored by the children's storylines and even the dad's affair is a bit lukewarm. The housekeeper is the only interesting character which is good because most of the show centers around her. But even after we got to know what happened to her, she just doesn't seem like a character I would like. I sort of like her robot-like personality better. It's too bad they didn't go the supernatural route, like make her an alien or a robot, that might make a more interesting show instead of all these family dramas that just seems too cliche and depressing. I admit, I fast-forward a bit. My favorite character is the director woman, she has the most silly laugh but I think her character is the most fun to watch. Overall, not a bad show though the second half of the show seems to take a strange turn to being a revenge show but it stays the same at the end.

Find out about these shows here:

06/ I'm definitely going to do some writing this month but not much. Anyone doing NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month this November? I've done NaNoWriMo a few times and even though I was completely stressed out by it, I still think it's rewarding as I did get to write a lot. I don't think NaNoWriMo it for everyone but there's no harm in writing, is there?

07/ Here's a little quiz:
A man walks into a bar. He asks the bartender to 'make me a writer'. The bartender picks up a book off the shelf and hits the man on the head several times. The man is shocked. He asks 'What's that for?' The bartender replies with 'I'm making you a writer.'

What do you think the moral/meaning/point of the story is?
(a) The man shouldn't have gone to a bar.
(b) The man should have asked for a different drink.
(c) The bartender clearly knows his drinks.
(d) The man and the bartender are enemies and the bartender took the chance to do what he wanted.
(e) The bartender is a writer & he knew writing is not easy and anyone who thinks becoming a writer is easy probably deserves to be beaten senseless.
(f) Who cares, let's get drunk.
(g) None of the above.

And the answer is... There is no answer because it's a story so you either care what's going on or you don't. So what's the point of this little quiz? You decide what that is.

What things are on your mind today?
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