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September 6, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Tie it Up

'read at sea'
closeup 1 - click on the image for the large view
closeup 2 - click on the image for the large view
This week's Scribble Picnic is Tie it Up. I've posted the draft in this post. I've changed her face a little and her clothes but it's still mostly the same. You might say this is actually version three. The word 'READ' is on her arm though you can't see it all the well, so I have shown it by itself in closeup 2. For more Scribble Picnic, go here.

In case you're interested, the book titles are:

Real titles:
a) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis
b) Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm
c) The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
d) The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
e) Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne
f) Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

Fake titles:
g) The Bookish Mermaid by Roland H. Beach
h) The Moon Child by Jane Eyre Smith
i) Fish Out of water by Beth March Little
j) The Seven Adventures of Howl Smile by Stevie Wolf
k) The Ordinary Girl by M.M. Mile
l) Sherrock Bird Mysteries by Madam Ana Candice Davis
m) The Book of Dragons by Jackson Trollman
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