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September 12, 2017

Scoffs, Shrugs & Other Thoughts

'fly away'
Just some thoughts that might or might not be a good idea to let out but if there is one place a person can complain without having someone tell them not to complain, this is it.

01/ I tried out the kindle for a couple of weeks but had to send it back because the screen keeps freezing and whenever I start it up again and in working order, the battery drains itself in just a few hours and I wasn't even using it. I charged it several times in one week and I didn't even finish reading a single book. It could be that I was unlucky and got a bad one. I'm thinking of waiting for a newer model before getting another one but I haven't decided yet.

02/ You know your computer is really old when you need an adapter for your adapter in order to connect to any gadgets or maybe technology is just too quick for me. I really do need to get a new computer but I really hate the idea of having to readjust to a new computer and having to upgrade software that will cost more than the computer itself and not to mention all the new adapters I will need to get since the new computers no longer have all the features I use. 

03/ I'm thinking of getting rid all of my dvds and trade them for books. Honestly, I don't watch dvds much these days and my dvd player kind of have a temper where it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't for no reasons. And there are movies/shows that are only on dvds so I can't get rid of all my dvds. Even if I go all digital, I still need something to store the files so basically there is no such thing as going completely digital.

04/ I procrastinate like crazy all the time and sometimes I don't even know why. The above artwork 'fly away' started 7 years ago and is only finished last week. You probably won't believe it but it's true. I don't know why I take so long to finish this and many other projects. I guess the motivation just isn't there. It used to be when I work on something, I would work on them until they're done but these days, I only talk about getting things done and not do them.

05/ I have come to realize how much I dwell on mistakes. Whenever I made a mistake, I would think on it endlessly even when the problem is resolved or even when there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I don't know why I do it but it's a habit I can't seem to break.

06/ I also realize how when you're cranky from lack of sleep because some creature choose to croak/chirp every single night until 5 am, every problem feels like a big world problem even when I know it's not. So don't mind me if I complain just a little too much or I repeat myself just a little too easily or I respond to things a little too slow.

07/ I used to have a virtual space to sell prints of my art at Society6 and they pretty much does all the printing and shipping but I closed that up or rather I just deleted the art works. I thought I might start that again but I don't know if there is any interest. You can't just have a shop, you have to promote it constantly or else nothing gets sold. Frankly, I really hate promoting. I'm not on social media so I don't really spread news around like other people. I don't suppose I could get someone to promote my work in exchange for design services? Just a thought.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. interesting about the dvds, I got rid of a lot of my VHS tapes not too long ago, now it may be time to think about dvds...wow

    1. wow, VHS - haven't seen those in a while but I know people still use those. there's also a new type call blu-ray that is suppose to be better than dvds but I don't bother with that, at least, not now.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  2. Complaining is fine. Holding everything in isn't! I'm not a fan of technology AT ALL. I've mentioned on my blog that before I met Alex (my bf) in 2013, I was still using Windows 98 and loving it. Sure I had to format my computer every other month lol...but I really resisted change until he got me a laptop for Christmas that year! I got rid of all my DVD's, CD's, and video tapes years ago. With the internet, you can basically find anything you want now. We have one big hard drive that holds all of our favourite movies that we've downloaded. I agree with you on sleep, it actually screws me up a lot when I don't sleep well, especially my digestion. Rant away! I love your artwork btw!! :)

    1. one big hard drive for everything - that sounds good but do you have a backup drive for that in case it fails? I don't know if I would put everything in just one place without a backup.

      people do need sleep, though some people only needs like a few hours while others like me, needs a lot.

      I've been ranting all the time on my blogs but lately, it's less than before but I still do it.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  3. Windows 98?! Wow and i thought I was bad, Rain! My Mac OS is 3 versions out of date and my laptop 5 years old! Too funny.

  4. "04/ I procrastinate like crazy all the time and sometimes I don't even know why. The above artwork 'fly away' started 7 years ago and is only finished last week."
    - I believe it, Lissa, as you mention you do that often but am so glad you finished this piece. It is lovely....even if 7 years later! Are you super busy at work that you don't have time to do your personal projects perhaps?

    I really did have to chuckle at everyone of your notes:

    1- Kindle. I had the same problem, quit it (returned it too) and never went back. The best thing I could have done was get my iPad. I also hated the Fire version as one is forced to use only their (google's) browser. I preferred the Barnes & Noble Samsung Nook which I had for many years until eventually giving it away to some one who really needed something to get online.

    2- old computer. Yes, mine is too. % years old laptop running old mac OS from THREE versions ago. The reason? Because I also run Virtual PC off it and if I update my mac, I have to update that too as well as buy another Windows license and then the new versions aren't compatible with the servers at my work building. Even though now I have ghosting on my monitor from the video drive, I stick with it!

    3- Well, you know me. I declutter. I got rid of everything but two cd's and have never looked back. The few favourite movies are on my laptop and google drive too, should I ever need them. but as it is, I don't re-watch movies but when Alexandra wants to we have them or we can simply download again from where we purchased them online (usually!) Less clutter means I spend less time looking for stuff and my mind feels more relaxed, at ease with less visual competition with everything demanding my attention at some point.


    1. 4 - (discussed above)

      5 - Dwelling on mistakes. Yes, you do that! too much! Stop it. :D You are fine, Lissa. We are all different. You crack me up here. You are too hard on yourself.

      6 - Cranky from lack of sleep. Yes, I get that way too...especialyl with our beer guzzling, chain smoking neighbours across the street who like to go out and smoke on their fornt porch every ngiht from about midnight to 4:30 in the morning so we can't sleep. Last nightt they even were throwing cans in the street for fun and with the windows open for cool air, it makes it even worse. They must spend a fortune on all their "drugs," as it were. I don't know how they function when one works mornings and the other nights at a bar. I think one is a nurse of all things! go figure. Oh, and when the lady is drunk, as alcoholics often do, she thinks she is a great singer and sings at the top of her lungs for us all to hear. Very selfish. There! that's my rant. It almost always involves the selfishness of smokers and their pollution/trash.

      7- Selling art. Yes, I have that same issue. I always mean to put my stuff on Etsy then don't get around to it as I don't sell that much and usually rely on Alex to do it for me but she is busy selling her own stuff. And it takes time to do all that as you note! Funny that you mention Society6 as we just discovered that from buying some art from Tina Van Dijk Art who was having a sell using Socity6 where they were offering free shipping. As a result, I purchased my very first art piece for this little 840 sq ft. rental we live in. So love to support artists and the cool thing with Society 6 is they did all the packing adn framing for her and the shipment was so well done, packages etc. Worth the cost. I wound definitely look at that. But you don;t like social media (neither do I) but I love instagram where lots of people say got to my shop to buy. Takes time making those connections though so not sure I will do it. Alex has jsut set up a store and considers promoting her stuff as part of her job as she is unable to work a regular job with her car accident injuries a few years ago.

      Good luck with all this! Perhaps you will give us an update in a few months on each step to let us know how you've done and whether anything changed? That would be a fun read.

    2. 1 - I definitely like the idea of the kindle so I may try it again when a newer model comes out.

      2 - that's the problem with computers - you always have to upgrade and it always cost a lot to upgrade but sometimes we don't have a choice.

      3 - I would like to do that too. I still have tons of CDs laying around. and I declutter all the time but always end up not giving them up.

      4 - I suppose as long as I finish something, it didn't matter how long it takes. I actually do have the time on the weekends to do my project and work in the week days but sometimes I just don't have the motivation.

      5 - I'm trying to stop the habit but it's kind of hard to do.

      6 - well, sometimes you just can't control your environment and just try to ignore the bad while you can

      7 - yes, society6 does everything but make/promote your artwork - that's the artists' jobs which I really don't like doing. I may just open up my society6 store again.

      as for updates on these things, well, I'm not sure it's necessary but I do occasionally ramble so that's like my updates.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  5. You know, my reply here had to be broken into two section as for the first ime, I exceeded the total number of characters allowed. In fact, it's longer than your initial post! You are the only person I would spend that much time on for replies. :) so, you must be doing something right. I'm also very mindful to go back nd read your replies so thank you for that too.

    1. really? perhaps you should write a post about all the things you talk about in the comments. it's good to let your thoughts out once in a while.

      thank you for coming by so often. have a lovely day.


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