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September 28, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Life Swap

'two roads'
This week's Top Ten Thursday is if you are to swap lives with me, these are the things you need to know.

01/ No coffee whatsoever because you dislike it.

02/ You will walk a lot because you don't drive or own a car. And you will use a lot of public transportation such as the subway, well, mostly the subway.

03/ No talking when you're in a bad mood. 

04/ Sometimes at work (as a graphic designer), you might have to juggle about three or four projects at the same time and you probably have to finish them all on the same day and mostly because they hand you the projects way too late and so you have to rush, rush al the time. But do remind yourself your work hours are 9-5 week days and you will only do overtime during a rush project which usually may be about every other week.

05/ You will owe a lot of money due to excessive online shopping.

06/ You're a procrastinator just accept it because there's just no way around it.

07/ Your cooking skill is a bit lacking. The only thing you can cook is scramble eggs and those instant noodles.

08/ You will sometimes be waken by helicopters, fireworks, birds, odd animal sounds, car alarms or your neighbors during the hours of 3 through 5 am.

09/ You will probably have a anxiety attack every couple of days due to some crisis or other because you're a worrier, you worry even sometimes without a cause but that's normal.

10/ Organize and reorganize the spaces around you constantly because seeing a mess upsets your brain.

What do I need to know if I want to live your life?

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