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August 14, 2017

Work in progress

'read at sea' work in progress - closup
'read at sea' work in progress - closup
I thought I share a new art work, well, an unfinished art work, as I posted a lot of writings lately and there will be more  as I'm doing a writing challenge.

I have a lot of work in progress pieces, (technically it's probably just under 100 but who's counting?) that somehow doesn't get finished but I thought I share a piece that might be finish, sort of. Yes, it's another mermaid reading. (The other is here & unfinished.)

This piece started because I wanted something for my bookmarks page (I have since left it with the book image) & I somehow went to work on it and it just became this new piece. The original or rather, the original original is actually part of another piece but it's not much different from 'draft 1' but without the books.
draft 1
draft 2
draft 3

outline view showing all the lines used to make the image
This piece is done in Adobe Illustrator. As you see from the outline image, how many lines it takes to make an image and also, how sloppy I can be in Illustrator. I think it take a lot of patiences to make the lines neat and sometimes I slack off because those sloppy lines aren't being seem but I think I should be a little neater somehow.

spot the difference - draft 3 (left),  final (right)
I'm thinking of creating a book of people & creatures reading because, well, no reason really, I just like the idea. I do wonder about making art and not doing something about them. I just hope it's not all a waste of time that's all. (FYI, it says 'Read' on her left arm.)

'read at sea' work in progress - click for a larger view


  1. Nice work on Illustrator so far Lissa!

    1. yes, I think so too, thank you.

      have a lovely day.

  2. I wondered what it said on her arm.
    Love the details and thought of a mermaid reading. It is interesting to see your pieces in different colors. Colors have such a strong impact on a piece. Wonderfully creative to use this for your bookmarks page.

    1. the word on her arm is 'read.'

      I often have trouble with colors as I either choose too many or flat out make them all lighter and paler.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  3. What a labour of love, Lissa. I LOVE it. Love your write up and all those examples too. Speaking of which, I love how your bookmarks page has both Alex and I at the top of each column. How perfectly serendipitous. :)

    Anyway, I really love the translucent waves here and how the book pattern comes through. It is amazing! The outline version from Illustrator shows exactly why I could never do this. I;d rather just draw it by hand then scan it in or such. Do you use a wacom or simply use the pen tool and create masses of curves and shapes? I'm always blown away at your proficiency here...and especailyl your imagination So glad you showed up the close up adn gave all the other book titles. I loved Voyage of the Dawn Treader! :)

    Wonderful piece, as always. Thank you so much! You know, you could have jsut coloured in that mermaid in the tub illo as it had tied up vines (like Rain's piece) and would have worked great too. Hope we get to see that done one day.

    I've posted my colour version now btw and will be changing out the themes either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! :)

    1. my bookmarks page is organized alphabetically so I guess it is serendipitous that your blog and Alexandra's blog are right next to each other.

      I don't use a wacom /drawing tablet though I have tried it but I find it's not for me. I just used the various pen/selection tools in Illustrator. I also reference photos which helps a lot.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." -- Kurt Vonnegut

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