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August 24, 2017

Fiction: Fireworks, Stars and Dragons

On a cool night where moonlight fell between the clouds, Elric rushed out of his house, down a short path, took a left toward the road. He wanted to catch sights of the fireworks before it was too late. But instead of a clear path, there was a mountain blocking the way. He could neither go left nor right as there were trees blocking both sides. As this the only way to town Elric couldn't decide what to do next.

But upon inspecting the mountain closely, Elric found it was not a mountain at all but some type of large creature. He ran his hands over the surface. It was soft and smooth like his own skin but a little cold. His hand came upon an arrow and foolishly Elric pulled it out. He looked up but the creature didn't budge. The surface rippled once and the hole made by the arrow sealed itself closed leaving a smooth surface. Elric was amazed. He had never seen such things before.

A noise erupted above. Elric looked to the sky where there was the fireworks obscured by the creature and the trees. Elric moved left and then right, but he only caught a glimpse of sparks.

A large blue-green eye appeared in the smooth surface right in front of where Elric stood. Then the creature's skin turned a slight dark blue.

Elric took a few steps back. He blinked at the creature.

The eye blinked back. Then there were two eyes, two nostrils and a line curve beneath it. As it spread its wings, a mild wind came at Elric.

Elric thought about the things his papa had told him that might be useful. None came. Then Elric remembered his mama's words about strangers: If they appear kind, introduce yourself and if they appear unkind, run away. Elric stepped close to the creature, held out his hand and smiled. "I'm Elric. How do you do, Sir," Elric said loudly as he used to do when he was in school.

The creature shifted about before settling on the ground again with its chin resting on its crossed arms. A small flame escaped its left nostril. "It it Miss to you."

"Oh, I'm very sorry, Miss. It's very nice to meet you, Miss." Elric smiled widely. The creature held out a finger and Elric shook it carefully with both hands. Her fingernails were rather long and sharp.

"Thank you very kindly, Elric, for removing that awful arrow. I have not been able to pull it out myself. I have short arms." She waved a hand. "My mother told me never to tell strangers my name but since you have been so kind, I will tell you. I am DeeDee." DeeDee smiled and showed most of her large front teeth.

Elric laughed a bit nervously. "Are you magic, DeeDee?"

"Magic? Why, do you not know what I am?" DeeDee's eyes widened.

Elric shook his head. He had never seen such a creature before.

"I am a dragon." DeeDee closed her mouth but there was a grin at the corner.

A dragon. Elric thought it over. His papa had said dragons eat people. But he wanted to make sure. "DeeDee, are you going to eat me?" Elric almost whispered as he was certain it was not polite of him to ask.

DeeDee laughed. It reminded Elric of a horse's cry mixed with a kitten. "Eat you? Why, you are too scrawny. But I am a vegetarian." DeeDee held up her head as if she was a grand queen.

"A veg... What?"

"A vegetarian. I do not eat meat."

Elric laughed. He was silly to think she would eat him. "Oh, that's very nice, DeeDee."

There was a moment of silence and then DeeDee asked, "Are you going somewhere?"

Elric laughed again. "I wanted to see the fireworks but it's over now."

"Fireworks? Do you mean all those awful noises that sounded like the world was breaking up? Well, it woke me quite unkindly."

"Mama said it's like looking at the stars except they make a lot of noise." Elric wasn't certain but he thought he saw a slight grin on DeeDee's face.

Then DeeDee frowned. "You were late, were you not? Had I kept you from going?" DeeDee turned to look behind her and then back to Elric. "I would not be here except I caught an arrow and could not fly but I am better now. I am very sorry, Elric."

Elric smiled and replied, "It's not your fault."

"But it is. You should have just climbed over me."

"That wouldn't be polite and Mama said I have to always be polite."

DeeDee laughed. She lowered herself almost flat to the ground. "Get on my back and I will take you to see real fireworks."

Elric wasn't sure if he should but then DeeDee said. "If you want to see fireworks, climb on. You can trust me. I may be only nine-years-old but I know how to fly." Elric climbed on and held on to one of DeeDee's pointed horns covering DeeDee's back. DeeDee walked slowly at first toward the path where Elric was heading and then she sped up, lifted off the ground and they were up in the sky.

Elric didn't have to worry about falling off as DeeDee indeed knew how to fly. She never swayed. But the wind whipping at his face did made it a little hard to enjoy the ride.

Soon DeeDee stopped and landed on a top of a mountain. Elric climbed down. "Look up," she said.

Elric lifted his head and there in the sky was the most brilliant thing Elric had ever seen - the stars. They lit up brightly. Elric reached out his hands. Though he could not touch them, he was delighted to be able so close.

"These are not fireworks but my father said they are better. You can make a wish if you like."

Elric turned to DeeDee and smiled. She grined rather widely but without showing her teeth which Elric thought was a much less scary sight. "Yes, I will. And you can too."

Elric and DeeDee stayed there until the sky became too bright to see any stars. Then DeeDee flew Elric back to the spot on the road and they parted. DeeDee promised she would come to visit Elric some day.

When Elric arrived home, his mother scolded him for being out so late. But Elric was far too happy and sleepy. He went up to his room for a long morning nap and dreamed about DeeDee and the stars.


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