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August 1, 2017

Fiction: Starry Summer Night

10 Days of Heat Writing Challenge
Starting today, I'm participanting in the 10 Days of Heat Writing Challenge hosted by PJ at 'A 'lil HooHaa'. You can write anything that comes to you according to the themes but I'm pretty much going to be writing fictions. Here are the themes in case you would like to join in:

August 1: On a hot summer’s night …
August 3: STORY 1: Tokyo, Japan
August 8: Orange
August 10: Diving into the deep end
August 15: Beach life
August 17: STORY 2: Anchorage, Alaska
August 22: Camp life
August 24: Fireworks
August 29: Best summer memory
August 31: STORY 3: New York, New York


Fiction: Starry Summer Night

On a hot summer’s night, a star fell toward earth. It hit the ground with the speed of light and as it rotated in the atmosphere, it turned into a girl of twelve. Unfortunately, she landed in the lake beside a run-down house. Inside the house, Sunny Winter popped her eyes opened at the sound of the splash. She sat up in bed and looked out the window. There was a bright yellow glow in the lake. She ran down the stairs and through the kitchen and out of the house.

Sunny studied the glowing object for a bit. When it didn't stir, Sunny walked into the lake. The cool water hardly reached her thighs. Sunny poked the part that was above water - a round curve that looked like someone's back. It was soft. She flung it backward and the object floated on its back. It was a girl. Sunny looked around but there was no one about as usual. Her father Henry was at work and the nearest neighbor was miles away. She whispered 'hello,' but the girl didn't stir. So Sunny did what any sensible person would do in her situation: She dragged the girl into her house. It wasn't easy as the girl was heavy and Sunny was small.

At first, Sunny thought the girl was dead as she heard no heartbeat when she pressed her ear to the girl's chest. But all of a sudden, the girl's eyes flickered open and she sat up. Her eyes were gray but turned almost white when the light hit them. Then she began to cough. Sunny patted the girl's back like she used to for her father when he had too much to drink.

Then the girl shivered and Sunny ran up to her room and retrieved one of her old dresses and a towel from the bathroom. When she returned, she found the girl licking the kitchen floor where Sunny had dropped pancake syrup that morning.

"No! Don't lick that. Here, dry yourself and put this dress on." Sunny held out the towel and the faded white dress with the pattern of a smiling sun.

It took several tries trying to put on the dress as the girl fidgeted. "Soft!" the girl said, smoothing her fingers across the fabric.

"I'm Sunny, what's your name?" Sunny smiled. The girl still glowed but not as much under the light of the kitchen.

The girl furrowed her golden eyebrows and then she touched Sunny's cheek and said, "Freckle!"

"Freckle? Is that your name?" Sunny laughed.

The girl, now called Freckle, nodded her head and repeated, "Freckle, that is my name."

Sunny wanted to ask Freckle why she glowed but with daylight coming, her father will be home soon. Sunny led Freckle up to her room and told her to stay inside her closet. Sunny was a bit regretful when she closed the closet door but then she heard the front door banged opened, she raced downstairs to cook breakfast for her father.

Sunny soon found out, Freckle wasn't much awake during the daytime. She explained that all stars sleep during the day and only at night would they wake.

At night, when Sunny didn't have chores or when her father wasn't home, she would take Freckle out to the closed beach. Sunny made Freckle wear a large scarf to cover her from head to toe when they walked to and from the beach. They mostly sit and watch the sky and the water. Freckle would tell Sunny all about being a star. And Sunny would listen with a smile on her face.

One night when Sunny and Freckle were returning from the beach, five boys appeared. They asked why Freckle's skin glow. Freckle had forgotten to put on her scarf as she was carrying it by the arm. Sunny ignored them and grabbed Freckle's hand and walked faster. Sunny sighed when they were a little farther away but then she heard their shouting. The boys had followed them.

"Boys, I think the ladies need an escort home, don't you?" The tall one with the long black hair was walking backwards in front of Sunny and Freckle. But Sunny didn't look at him. She walked around him and pulled Freckle closer.

Freckle hardly knew what to think but the frown on Sunny's face told her she better follow Sunny.

One of the boys with the gold hair pulled Sunny's ponytail. She fell down sideways. But Sunny didn't cry or make a sound. She pulled herself up but she was force back again. Freckle screamed. She fell on the ground beside Sunny.

Sunny didn't know what to do as the five boys stood around them. The tall black hair one pulled out a knife. "Let's see what makes this one glow. Maybe her inside glows too." He lifted a few strands of Freckle's hair." Under the moonlight, Sunny could see the sneer on his face. Sunny wrapped her arms around Freckle. One of the boys tried to pull her off but Sunny held on. Then in a moment, there was no more pulling. She lifted her head.

Sunny's father Henry was there. "Boys, leave them alone."

The black hair boy laughed. "Old man, this is none of your business."

"It is my business when it comes to my daughter." Henry pressed his lips tight and crossed his arms.

"I don't think you got the guts to fight me, old man." The black hair boy lifted his knife higher.

"Don't I?" Henry looked straight into the boy's eyes. The boy was slightly taller than Henry but Henry didn't look away.

The boy put his knife into his pant's pocket. "Okay, we'll do this the old fashion way." He held up his fists.

Sunny turned away. Freckle couldn't look away.

Henry and the black haired boy locked arms. But the fight didn't last long. Henry dropped to the ground. "What the hell! Why did you do that for? I almost had him!" "Like hell you did! Let's go!" The boys ran away.

Sunny ran toward her father and fell beside him. Henry's shirt had a stain on the side. "Daddy, you're hurt!"

"Sum, where did you get this glowy friend?"

"I...I found her. But you're hurt. I'll get a doctor." She started to run.

"No, wait!"

"What is it?

"Help me up."

Henry wrapped an arm around Sunny's shoulder. "Freckle, take his other arm." Freckle did as she was told.

They half ran, half walked to the only hospital. Henry lost a lot of blood and that was all they had to say to Sunny. They made Sunny and Freckle waited hours before they were told Henry needed to rest.

Days went by quietly. Leaves fell and a change of season began. Freckle knew she had to return to the sky soon. Every night, Freckle waited for Sunny and tried to tell her she had to leave but every night, Sunny came home exhausted. She went upstairs and sat on her bed and cried. Freckle didn't like the way Sunny cried with her eyes wide and wiping at her tears with the back of her arm. It was very strange see Sunny like that.

One evening, when the sky was clear, when Sunny had came home and cried herself to sleep, Freckle paced the kitchen floor. Something cold and strange inside Freckle had began to form but she couldn't name it. It frightened her and yet, it also made her want to do something. She wanted Sunny to smile again. But how do you save a man when all the power she ever had was to make herself glow? Wishes could be make but a star can't make a wish or can they? Freckle had never tried before but when midnight came, she made a wish and returned to the sky.

Time was different above then below. Freckle got to see Henry going home from the hospital and Sunny smiling up at him. They were still together years later but Freckle decided she had seen enough. She had learned a lot from Sunny. And now she knew even stars can make wishes come true.


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