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August 17, 2017

Fiction: Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

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Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 2

What else could she do? Jane closed her eyes and dove into the lake. She felt a tightening of her chest for a few moments but then it was gone. She opened her eyes to a bright blue sky. It was quiet with a slight wind blowing.

"Having fun, Miss Jane?" BJ was grinning down at her. He took a few steps back. Jane sat up. A shiver ran through her body. She rubbed at her arms but she felt like cold hands were wrapping ice around her. She stood up and looked about. There was really not much to see. Around her were mountains and trees covered in snow. She turned back and BJ was gone again. Jane searched around and spotted the depressions in the snow made by small feet. She followed them. "BJ!" she called out. "BJ!"

She ran for a bit but the snow on the ground thinned. A small bark came from behind her. She turned and there was a creature on all fours. It was nearly all black except for the gray-white streaks on top of its head. Jane was certain it was a wolf. She took a few steps back. The wolf came forward. She back away again but the wolf only stepped toward her. Its tongue was sticking out and Jane noticed the sharp fangs. She grabbed some snow off the ground and threw them at the wolf. "Go away!" she shouted. The wolf merely let the snow hit his front paws. He stood watching her.

Not only was Jane freezing, she was facing a wolf that might possibly eat her and she had not received her wages yet for a job that involved far too much traveling. She had thought she would be indoors quietly giving lessons, not out running around chasing after a boy.

A whistle echoed through the air. Jane turned to her left and there was BJ. The wolf ran toward him. The wolf was twice BJ's size. BJ rubbed the wolf's head. "Good boy. Good boy." He glanced at Jane. "Miss Jane, this is Ro. How do you like him?"

Jane was not certain if she like Ro at all. The wolf's eyes were nearly white with gray and gold specks. He had an unworldly look about him. She stepped toward them but then Bj took off running. "I suggest you try to enjoy your time here!" BJ shouted behind him with Ro following him.

But Jane did not know how to enjoy herself in this cold place. She remembered Mrs. Dish had told her BJ was her responsibility. She couldn't just let him run off without her. She heard giggling and ran toward the sound. BJ was rolling on the ground with Ro. The wolf was licking the boy's face.

"BJ!" she shouted. She was not sure whether to be angry or delighted.

BJ laughed but then he stood up. "Miss Jane, hello again." The wolf stood with its tongue sticking out watching BJ.

"You have not answered my question. How did we get to Japan and then here? Where is here?" Jane was frustrated. Was she to understand this jumping about and going around the world?

BJ gave the wolf a rub on the head. The wolf sat down. "Here is Alaska, Miss Jane. I thought you might like seeing the mountains after the cherry blossoms. What do you think?"

"What do I think? I think you should get us home." Jane was not certain of anything right now but she was certain BJ must be the one that made their traveling happened.

"I know you, uptight type, Miss Jane. You do not know what adventure means. The word, yes, but not the meaning. You have never been anywhere, am I correct?" He raised an eyebrow which could hardly be seen as it was a pale as his face. His blond hair was in all directions around his head as if he had pulled them up. His gray eyes which were almost white, sparked with a bright light.

It was true, Jane had never been anywhere but she read. A lot. There was nothing she had not read about. But uptight? She did not have time to think as Ro knocked her to the ground. A dark blur ran passed her.

Ro removed his paws off her. Jane sat up. Ro was looking behind her. She turned to look. There was a large creature a few inches from her.

"Miss Jane," BJ said rather calmly, "Step over to me slowly." Jane turned to BJ and then at the creature. It let out a sharp growl and sent shivers down her back. Jane stood up and walked toward BJ. Ro seemed ready to pounce.

The creature was on all fours and it was almost twice the size of a horse. It had two long fangs hung down the upper corners of its mouth. Its skin was a velvet dark brown and it had a long tapering tail. Its yellow eyes were looking directly at Jane.

"Run!" BJ shouted as he turned and ran. He whistled and Ro followed him.

When Jane turned to run, something grabbed her left foot and she fell to the ground. "BJ!" she screamed. Ro raced passed Jane as BJ grabbed her hands and started pulling. But then the hold on her foot was gone. She stood up and pulled BJ with her as she ran. She heard a loud whack. She turned around. Ro was thrown across the snowy ground. "Ro!" BJ screamed. Jane held onto BJ's arm to keep him from running to Ro. The creature came rushing toward them. But Ro collided with the creature and they torn at each other.

Jane looked around her. There was only the snow and the trees. But then she spotted ices shaped like picks hanging off a tree. She picked up a tree branch and chipped at a piece until it's free. "Stay here, BJ," she said. She ran toward the creature and Ro.

Ro and the creature were tangled and it was hard to tell which was the creature and which was Ro. Jane waited and then she thrust the ice pick into the creature's neck and back away. The creature staggered and released Ro and fell to the ground. Blood streamed from the wound. The creature closed its eyes and didn't move.

Ro limped toward BJ. His right front leg was bleeding. He licked at the wound. BJ rubbed the wolf's head. "Good boy, Ro. Good boy." Jane sighed and went over to them.

"Well done, Miss Jane! I will tell Father to raise your wages," BJ said smiling.

"Is it dead?"

"What do you think?"

"I think..." Jane noticed movement from the creature. "Run!" she shouted. The creature had opened its eyes and was now coming up onto his feet.

Ro raced toward the creature and crashed into it sending them both sliding across the ground and into a tree trunk. The creature stood up again. It was breathing hard and saliva was dripping down between its fangs. Ro got up onto his feet and stood between the creature and BJ.

"BJ, run!" Jane shouted. BJ just stood there with his eyes fixed on Ro and the creature.

Jane grabbed BJ's hand and pulled him along. "We must go."

BJ shook his head as if to clear his mind. "Yes, we must."

They ran for a bit.

"What kind of animal is that?" Jane was not quite sure if it was a tiger or some hybrid. She had certainly had not seen such creatures before.

"A tiger, I believe. And from the look in his eyes, he must have been hungry for a couple of days." BJ said as if it was a fact Jane should have known.

"That thing is a tiger? But it it so huge and... What about Ro?" Jane swallowed. Ro had saved her. She was worried.

"He will take care of himself."


BJ shook his head. "We cannot go back. Ro will be alright. He always comes back." His lips was in a straight line but his eyes bended slightly. Jane hoped Ro would come back.

They came upon a frozen pond. BJ ran toward it and began to stomp on the ice.

"What are you doing? You will break the ice."

"That is the idea, Miss Jane. I think we should go somewhere warmer than here." The corner of his mouth rise slightly. BJ kept on stomping. "Come, help me. If you want to return home."

Jane walked toward the pond and pounded her foot against the ice. "Ow!"

"What happened?" BJ did not stop stomping the ice.

"My ankle. It is just a little achy from the tiger." Jane rubbed at her ankle where there was a slight bruise. "This is not part of my job."

"No?" He laughed. "Then perhaps you should quit and leave Castle Howl."

"I will not quit, I just started." Jane was certainly not quitting after only half a day.

"Why not? You will be doing a lot of running. I can guarantee you that. I cannot be trusted to stay in one place." His lips curved up in one corner. "No one had ever stopped me when I wanted to leave."

"No?" Jane shook her head. She wished she was as headstrong.

Then there was a crack and the ice beneath began to break. They both fell in.

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