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August 3, 2017

Fiction: Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 1

I'm participating in the 10 Days of Heat Writing Challenge and today's theme is 'Tokyo, Japan' and this will be a three part story:

Fiction: Jane Eerie & The Boy Traveler - part 1

On a snowy winter's night, Jane Eerie entered Castle Howl for the first time. She was there to be a live-in tutor for a young boy but there were things she did not expect.

In Count Howl's library, Jane was introduced to the boy by the housekeeper Mrs. Dish. The boy was sitting on the window sill with a large opened book on his lap.

"BJ, this is your new tutor Miss Jane Eerie." Mrs. Dish said with her hands crossed in front of her and looking down at the child.

"How do you do, BJ?" Jane held out a hand.

BJ did not look up. He turned a page in his book.

Mrs. Dish turned to Jane, "Miss Jane, BJ is your charge now. I have business to attend to." Jane nodded. Mrs. Dish walked out and closed the door behind her.

Jane took a few steps closer to the window sill. BJ dropped his book on the sill, gave her an angry frown and then stormed off toward the shelves of books.

Jane found BJ at the other end of the room. He picked out a book off the bottom shelf. The book had a blue spine and appeared quite worn. BJ placed the book on the floor and turned the pages almost to the center of the book. He looked up at Jane for a moment and then dove into the pages and disappeared.

Jane stared at the opened book. There was an image of a large pond. The water rippled as if it was real. Jane bended down and touch the water with a tip of her finger and pulled it out. Her finger dripped with water. She stood up, took a breath and dove in. BJ was her charge after all.

In the water, Jane held her breath and for a brief moment, she thought she might drown but then she blinked and she was on solid ground. There were cherry blossoms with the petals floating in the wind. It was rather warm with a bright blue sky. Everywhere she looked, there were the beautiful blossoms - pink, yellow, purple - Jane had never seen anything this beautiful. She walked down a curvy bridge while holding out her hand to catch some of the falling petals. Then she remembered she had to find BJ.

"BJ, where are you?"

"Up here!" A light voice shouted.

She lifted her head up and there was BJ up in a tree, grinning.

"Get down here now!"

"Yes, Miss Jane." He turned and climbed down swiftly as if he had done it many times before. He held some pink petals in his hand. He inhaled them and then threw the petals over his shoulders. "Do you not love the scent of this place?" He spread out his arms.

"Where are we?" Jane asked. "And how did we get here?"

"Tokyo. Do you not know? Are you not a teacher?" BJ sounded so grown up, Jane was surprised. But then she remembered where she was. She had read about Japan but she had never been. She had spent almost all her life at the charity school for orphans starting when she was six years old. She shook her head. "I have never been to Japan."

"Well, now you have." BJ gave her a large grin showing one missing teeth. But then his lips curved into a straight line. He ran a few feet from her and jumped into the petal-covered lake.

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