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August 8, 2017

Fiction: Orange

Fiction: Orange

Ally Red have only one last thing to do to get into the Academy for the Gifted: turn her mousy-colored hair into a rich auburn. She takes a breath, smiles at the seven judges sitting in front of her and concentrates on her hair. But then she catches sight of the plate of oranges on the table and she wonders why they are there. Then she looks up at the judges and remembers to smile. But her eyes veer back toward the oranges.

Muffled gasps begin to spread among the judges. Ally looks up. The woman at the end on the right, holds a hand over her mouth and whispers something to the man beside her. He nods and then writes something on the papers in front of him.

Ally's skin begin to itch. Something is wrong. Terribly wrong. She knows it and yet she could not think of what it might be. She stays seated on the metal chair. It's suddenly far to hard for her soft body. She straightens her back and tries a smile.

The other judges are looking at her with wide eyes and a few with opened mouths. The woman at the end, turns to Ally, smiles, and say, "Thank you Miss Red. We will let you know. You may leave."

Ally doesn't have to wait for the results, she knows she has failed. She stands up and the chair falls backward. She bends to pick it up and strands of her hair falls in her purview. They are not red or brown but orange. She turns to the judges. Their eyes have not left her. She have an urge to jump out the windows behind the judges' chairs and straight into the sky. Instead, she places the chair back and walks unsteadily toward the exit. The guard smiles a bit as he opens the door. He shuts it behind her.

Plenty of faces glance up when Ally comes out. The O shapes of their mouths let her know they saw what the judges saw. But her skin itches terribly and it feels like she is on fire. She races down the hallway ignoring the gapping stares and heads toward the ladies room. She throws the door open and turns on the faucet and splashes cold water on her face. When she looks up, she shrieks. Then she looks behind her. There is on one else in the bathroom. She sighs but then glances at her reflection.

Like her hair, her skin has turned orange - the color of carrots and oranges and pumpkins and... She couldn't think any more. She suddenly hates all the fruits that are orange.

She splashes more water over her face and rubs at her cheeks and neck but the color remains but now she looks like a red-hot tomato. She laughs and wipes at her tears. She stares at herself uncertain what to do.

When she finally decides to come out, the hallway is empty. Only her best friend Hue Black is sitting there. He stands up with his hands in his pants pocket. He walks toward her. His gray eyes widens a bit but then returns to normal. "It's cool. I like it."

Ally just shrugs. "We should get going."

Hue and Ally turn and head toward the exit. "Accidental coloring - it happens to a lot of people," Hue said.

"But my skin..." This have never happened to her before. From birth she had been capable of changing all colors including other people's hair without any problems. Everyone born in Hope Blossoms were gifted and they all used their gift flawlessly or supposed to.

"Al, it's just a side effect. I hear the color fades after a couple of days. No sweat." Hue gives her a slight grin.

"That doesn't make me feel any better." But Ally does feel better. Hue always seem to cheer her up even when he says the simplest things.

"No? How about this?" He pulls out his hands from his pocket. He rolls up his left shirt sleeve and then his right. His once tan arms are now a lime green. "Hey, you should have seen my parents when I came out. They looked like they were going to explode. I was never more proud of myself as a Black family member." He sounds cheerful, like he always does.

Ally laughs lightly. "But you're always so good. How did this happen? You didn't fail on purpose did you?"

Hue's eyebrows bend together a little. "Of course not, you fool. I always did my best even when I wanted to fail and I didn't want to fail. It just happened." He gives her a lopsided grin. "Let's go get a burger and bask in our failures."

Ally nods and lets out a sigh. She loops her arm through Hue's and they walk out together.


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