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August 28, 2017

Fiction: Bent 2

I found this new writing exercise called 15 minute ficlets hosted by Amber at The Literary Phoenix in which a word is given and you have to write something for 15 minutes. This week's word is "sunrise." I decided to continue last week's story and I'll keep writing it until something else comes to me. Read Part 1 here.

15 minute ficlets
Fiction: Bent - Part 2

I barely settled in my dreams before I was woken by the a scent of newly cut trees. I opened my eyes to the brightness of the pale blue ceiling. The scent was gone.

The room was lit up with sunlight through the curtainless window. I stayed on the bed unable to think of getting up at all. This wasn't what I wanted. Not now. The night before, Ralf had sent me here to the guest quarter on the third floor. It had the smallest bed. My feet almost came to the edge but at least the bed was in good shape unlike the rest of the manor. I began to wonder if perhaps I was out of my mind for coming here.

After hours of convincing myself I should get up, I soon found out how broken the whole manor was. Every part of the manor was in some sort of disrepair. It was as if someone purposely destroyed everything just enough to keep me busy and not get anything done. All the doors, though secured to their hinges, were weak and a few had softened to the point where pieces of it broke off in my hand. All the windows had not been opened for a long time that they seemed sealed in. Rafe and I took to randomly go from room to room and opening windows but it took a whole day. Rafe opened most of them as I was too weak - his words though I didn't argue as my hands was aching madly.

I found out there were twenty bedrooms, ten water closets, one huge kitchen, two sitting rooms, three dinning room, three libraries and a basement. I would sent a letter to father and ask him about why he left but he would probably said he wanted a bigger place and I guessed ten more rooms equalled to a bigger place.

The room at the end of the south wing with the large hole created by a storm was the first thing that really needed attention. Rafe had hung a sheet to cover it. To think Rafe had not even try to repair it, was kind of strange as he seemed a rather strong old man. I asked him but he merely stated it was not his job to repair walls nor was it his job to repair much of anything around the manor. His was hired to watch the manor and nothing more. I thought Rafe was perhaps not paid enough to care. My father certainly didn't care how the manor was. It was my stepmother that wanted it fixed up for her vacation home or perhaps for one of her friends. I didn't know and I didn't care to ask.

Rafe didn't cook either. There were no cooks or maids or any servants. The furniture though in good shape was covered in dust. Rafe didn't seem to have dusted at all. I supposed I will have to hire a few people to restore the place.

Weeks went by. I wonder from room to room looking for things to repair and there were many. I made a list in my ledger though the list was growing rather long and filling up the pages. I thought it was better to tear the whole manor down and start anew but it was not my decision to make.

A short, wide man came to the door. He offered his services as a carpenter. His name was Herman Worth. Rafe recommended him. I hired Mr. Worth to fix up the south wing wall and whatever else was needed. His price was high but I figured Stepmother wouldn't care. But Mr. Worth was not to come for another month as he was still working on another place. He promised to come as quickly as he could.

Stepmother said I must send her reports on the manor's progress and in term, she will send the money I need. Immediately after my meeting with Mr. Worth, I sent her a letter stating what I need in order to repair the south wing wall. I had added I would also need servants for the time I was to be at Hallow Manor. Before, I was not thinking of the years I had to be here as I was in a hurry to leave home but now I wondered if perhaps I might have to be here for a couple of years.

A month later, instead of Mr. Worth showing up, a man named Mink came. Mink said Herman had a little accident and Mink was to take his place. Mink was Herman's apprentice and he knew his job. Mink was rugged-looking with wavy black hair that hung over his face and he was only slightly taller than me. He looked like he hadn't shaved much and the scent of him was quite overwhelming. He didn't smell bad, he just smelled like he was coated in new wood and something else I could not identify.

I wanted to turn Mink out but then I realized, I really needed him. Rafe wasn't going to help me fix the place and I didn't know a thing about carpentry. So I accepted Mink. Mink was to sleep in the guest quarter in the south wing in the room next to the one with the broken wall. He suggested it as he was to start on the wall right away. He thought he might as well be close to it.

A few mornings later, I heard hammering and I knew the noise will continue for a long while.
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