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July 13, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: to-do list

the lost muse
The week's Top Ten Thursday are things that are on your current to-do list — such as things you fully intend to do once you have time or just random stuff you need to do. The first two on the list is always on my to-do list and the rest are really just random things I want to do and #10 is just to make it ten but shouldn't that be on everyone's list?

01/ Write/edit/finish my writings — short stories, novels, novellas, illustrated books, they're all languishing in my computer but I haven't the motivation to work on them & also I have some written in notebooks that I have yet to type them in

02/ Finish the 50+ drawings — I have tons of drafts (digital and on paper) that are just there, I don't know why I start them and then forget them, I guess, like my writings, they just get a start and has no end

03/ Print out my art & create a portfolio  — I think having some of my work in print is kind of nice because then I can see whether not I really like a piece and it may be useful later on

04/ Organize my design portfolio — not the same as #3 because this for graphic design, I have not been organizing my portfolio but I really should, any person who works in any design industry should really keep a portfolio up to date

05/ Recycle gadgets — do you know you can't just throw your computer mouse or gadgets in the trash? You either sell them or have them recycle

06/ Read more books — it used to be that I read more books and watch less television but now I watch more television and read less books so I thought I should read more

07/ Get new clothes — you could say I have an aversion to clothes shops, I always find them to have the music far too loud, the dressing rooms far too small & lacking hangers and chairs, the salespeople asking if I need help too many times and too many people

08/ Post more often on my blog — not much of a to-do sort of thing, more of a goal that I really do want to do but I always fall short

09/ Get more sleep — I think I've mentioned napping as a passtime but in reality, I don't actually take naps but maybe I should start

10/ Eat lunch
— yeah, lunch always on my list

What's on your current to-do list?

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